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How To Play Harmonium - Book By Krishan Kumar Aggarwal & Shamboo Sharma

Table Of Contents For 'How To Play Harmonium' By Krishan Kumar Aggarwal & Shamboo Sharma




Page No
1. Types of Harmonium 9-16
  Hand bellows and feet operated bellows, folding or suitcase types, organ   
  type, coupler and scale change harmoniums, Accordion and Synthesizers  
2. Selection of the Harmonium 17-22
  Classification of the harmoniums according to number of keys, reeds and   
  bellows. Three types of reeds and bellows  
3. Safety and Maintenance 23-26
  Some Do's and Don'ts, necessary actions before and after playing and   
  general repair  
4. How to Play 27-34
  More than a dozen sitting positions, operating bellows and proper ways of   
  movements of fingers on key-board  
5. Notes and Octaves 35-40
  Seven full tone  and five varied notes in Hindi and English. Charts of full   
  names, short names and signs of all the notes. Three octaves, their signs  
  and uses and signs used in the notations  
6. Practice of the Plates 41-46
  Selected ten plates for playing in ascent and descent orders and three   
  charts for proper movements of fingers  
7. Ragas, Thatas and Taals 47-52
  Basic Knowledge of the ragas, thatas, taals, layas, tempos and pakor  
8. Synthesizer or Casio 53-58
  Various models of synthesizers, their main features and practical   
  knowledge for proper operating  
9. Piano and Pianino 59-62
  Types, sizes and capacities of various pianos  
10. The Accordion 63-64
  Similarties and differences from harmonium and proper way of playing  
11. Prayers and Aartees 65-73
  1. Saraswati                                               4. Ai Malik Tere Bande hum  
  2. Aartee Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare           5. Bapoo's Favourite songs  
  3. Tumheen Ho Mata, Pita Tumhee ho  
12. National Anthem and Songs 74-84
  1. Our National Anthem                             4. Our National Song  
  2. Sare Jahan Se Achchha                        5. Ai Mere Watan Ke Logo  
  3. Hum Honge Kamyab                              6. Ai Mere Pyare Watan  
13. Hindi and Urdu Gazzels 85-96
  1. Jadoo Teri Nazar---Film : Daar  
  2. Dil Me Ek Lahar Si Uthi Hai---Poet Nasir  
  3. Chhoo Lene Do Nazuk Honthon Ko---Film : Kajal  
  4. Achchha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka---Film : Bewafa Sanam  
  5. Wo Pyar Jiske Liye Humne---Poet Wasim Barelvi  
  6. Ye Teri Aankhen Jhuki-Jhuki---Film : Fareb  
  7. Waqt se Din Aur Raat---Film : Waqt  
  8. Kis Tarah Jeete Hain----Film : Nai Roshni  
14. Quwwalies or Kawwalian 97-105
  1. Jhoom Barbar Jhoom Sharabi---Film : Mere Garib Nawaz  
  2. Bewafa Yun Tera Muskurana  
  3. Ham Tumhen Chahte Hain Aise---Film : Kurbanee  
  4. Ai Mere Johrajabeen----Film : Waqt  
15. Folk Songs or Lok Geets- 106-116
  1. Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali---Film : Silsila  
  2. Koyal Kooke Hook Uthaaye---Film : Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge  
  3. Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhana---Film : Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge  
  4. Deedee Tera Dewar Diwana----Film : Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaon  
  5. Mai Ni Mai Munder Pe Teri---Film : Hum  Aap Ke Hain Kaon  
  6. Dulhan Se Tumara Milan Hoga---Film : Anokhi Rat  
16. Semi Classical Songs 117-128
  1. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To---Film : 1942 A Love Story  
  2. Teri Bindia Re---Film : Abhiman  
  3. Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet---Film : Rani Roopmati  
  4. Hamko Sirf Tumse Pyar Hai---Film : Barsat  
  5. Ye Reshmi Zulfen---Film : Do Raste  
  6. Mujhe Ishq Hai Tujhi Se---Film : Ummid  


Preface To 'How To Play Harmonium' By Krishan Kumar Aggarwal & Shamboo Sharma

Man is the best creation of nature, and the best creation of man is music. It gives pleasure to mind, fills atmosphere with harmony and life with joy. Music also provides mental satisfaction and relax the body and mind. It is the reason, the history of music is older than the history of civilization. It is also universal and immortal. In every part of the world people sing and dance and also use various musical instruments. There are hundreds of musical instruments and some of them are very much popular. But as a matter of fact harmonium was on the top in last century and even today it ranks first in popularity. Piano is its older brother and accordion is its younger sister.

The craze of modern society and the best friend of teenagers, Casio or synthesizer is the most advanced model of harmonium. Although the synthesizer is operated by electric current and neither it has bellows nor reed board. But infact, it is operated just like a harmonium. Synthesizer may produce the sounds of five to one hundred musical instruments. There length varied from forty cm. to one and a half meter and cost from three thousand to several lacs. But they all produce the notes by pressing the keys of their key-board.We have also discussed in this book about synthesizers very clearly. It is the reason that you can become a perfect harmonium player as well as an synthesizer operator with the help of this book.

Singing, dancing and playing on any musical instrument are three streams of the music. Its every stream is complete in itself and pay you same relief and mental satisfaction. But for dancing the young age and light weight of body is a must. On the other hand for singing the good voice, correct pronounciation of the words and regular practice are the basic requirements. But for playing on any musical instrument no special quality is required. Every man or woman from childhood to very old age can easily operate any musical instrument of his choice. The harmonium and the synthesizers are so easy to operate, that they need no regular practice for hours together. You can also easily sing when playing on these instruments.

Without singing, only playing on the harmonium or on the synthesizer can make you the hero of any programme. Most of the musical instruments require tuning before playing, but synthesizer, accordion and any harmonium need not any previous operations. Actually playing on these instruments is much more easy than operating any other musical instrument. A music lover like you can became a perfect harmonium player or synthesizer operator within a month if you practice only one hour per day. So, get ready, my best wishes are with you.

Author Krishan Kumar Aggarwal & Shamboo Sharma
Pages 128
Cover Paperback
Language English

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How To Play Harmonium - Book By Krishan Kumar Aggarwal & Shamboo Sharma

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