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The Epic Battle Of Saragarhi - Book By Gurinderpal Singh Josan

Preface To 'The Epic Battle Of Saragarhi' By Gurinderpal Singh Josan

Among the world's unique wars, the Saragarhi battle occupies a special status as it was a Saga of Unparalleled bravery which valiant soldiers of 36th Sikh regiment faced the onslaught of 10,000 Afreedi and Orakzai tribals on 12th September, 1897 at Saragarhi post in Afghanistan-Pakistan borders mountain near the Samana range.

In this NWFP and FATA area which was under Pathan rule for centuries, about which it is said that they are the 10 lost tribes from Israel, because many of their customs are alike. Many scholars associate them with Spain. Many small and large groups Pathans rule this area, of which five are major ones: Pakhtoon, ai, Yousefzai, Afridi and Sadoji. At that time, Afridi bered 26,500 under whom were Northern Tirah, Peshawar western Kohat mountains, Bora Valley, Khyber Pass areas. ai tribals had 27 ,800 men ruling over Tirah, Kohat and anzai valley. This region was used as a corridor by Aryans. ander and Mughals and later by colonizers Russia and itain. As a commercial route for trade with central Asia. In 91, Britain established posts and conducted marches in this ea to end Russian control, and also constructed roads due to which the agriculture land of Pathans was destroyed, Pathans started looting the traders and later this took the form of a rebellion against the British. Saragarhi Post was set up to give advance information of the Pathan activisties to the forts, Due to ich their attacks were countered when one fort sent units to the other fort. When the Saragarhi battle started, 21 Valiant Sikhs were ready to face the Pathans.

Then a large Pathan force under Gulbadshah surrounded Saragarhi post and offered safe passage to the Sikhs if they decided to surrender but the Sikhs rejected this offer. Havildar Ishar Singh replied "We are the Khalsa force blessed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji we never leave the battle field and we shall fight until our last breath preventing the Pathans from occupying the Saragarhi post." that time, the Sikhs had only 400 bullets with no hope of receiving help from outside, but as per the equation units, Pathans, each Sikh was ready to deal with 476 Pathan.

Memorial Gurdwaras at Amritsar and Ferozepur along with monuments near Fort Lockhart and at the battlefield were established. Now, the names of the forts have been changed. The history of Saragarhi was taught in British schools and also in military academies of the British and in countries under British rule. As evidence, I have the 1898 document of the Sheffield Royal Grammar School. Indian schools also taught this. My professor, Bawa Natha Singh (1911-2003) told me these historical facts. I obtained most of the material in this book from Prof. Natha Singh. In 1987, I came into contact with Gurdwara Saragarhi in Amritsar, where along with young Sikhs a group was formed to train Sikhs in martial arts and karate, as a voluntary service. I also started writing articles about Saragarhi.

In 1997, the 100 years of the battle, I located 19 out of the 21 families of the martyrs, Later, I contacted their relatives in England, Pakistan, Canada, and U.S.A. and it took shape of this book. In this effort, my friend Manjit Singh supported me from 1996 to this day. Additionally, S. Baljit Singh (Director of sports, Nagaland University) has edited the Gurmukhi version, with great effort. S. Amarjit Singh Anand, Japleen Kaur and Japjot Singh Josan have contributed to the finishing of the English version of my book. I am very grateful to all these well-wishers who have lent their invaluable support. I also, whole heartedly thank Shri Lekh Raj Kamboj (Supervisor, District Welfare Office, Ferozepur Contt.) Army man, Hamam Singh, Brig. Kanwaljit Singh (4th Sikh) Jay Singh (England). Lt. Col. John Kendall, Warrant officer Ashok Chohan(British Army) who provided are rare photos and documents After 1947, for the first time, a 10 member delegation British officers under John Kendall shall be visiting Amritsar and Ferozepur to .pay homage to the Sikh martyrs of Saragarhi from 10 to 12th September 2014. I appeal to all the scholars, intellectuals, army officials, civilians and politicians that they help in establishing Saragarhi chairs at Indian Universities, especially Punjab Universities and include chapters in school and college text books. Such a campaign shall be a real tribute to Sikh martyrs.


About The Author Of 'The Epic Battle Of Saragarhi'

Gurinderpal Singh is Post graduate in world history from Punjab University Chandigarh and certified Gojuryu Kara coach. As instructor he has been rendering his services to various national Karate federations like India, US and Nepal.

NY city marathon runners and general secretary Sikhs in ­America, was conferred Hind Rattan Award by former Prim Minister Deve Gowda as NRI. He is a well known personality in the Sikh nation and has represented Sikhs in various occasions international organizations like UNO.

He has special interest and contributions in the promotio and preservation of Sikh heritage and culture. Presently he is working as a production manager, New York.

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The Epic Battle Of Saragarhi - Book By Gurinderpal Singh Josan

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