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The Story Of Valiant Sikhs - Book By S.J.S Pall

Introduction To 'The Story Of Valiant Sikhs' By S.J.S Pall

This inspiration had mainly Gurdas who has mentioned various qualities and characteristics of a Gursikh and has also expressed deep devotion and Gursikhs who follow the path shown by the Masters. By God's grace this book also became popular as the readers found satisfactory their questions relating to the Sikh values and traditions. While writing all these replies I had gone through not only various Rehatnamas and the Rehat Maryada as released by the SGPC but also various books on history which proved as how the Sikhs succeeded during their 500 years period following the teachings of the Gurus as contained in the also their commands in various Hukamnamas. In the course of thought of writing something relating to the magnanimous is intrepid community. However, I was fully aware of the fact that larly works by eminent historians on the history of the Sikhs, and as neither a historian nor a researcher who could shed more light on the history of this great religion.

I, therefore, decided to highlight some of the most important characteristics of Sikhs and present a record of their achievements with reference to those particular traits. Bravery is undoubtedly the most important cteristic of a Sikh. Its scope is wide enough to cover so many other traits frankness, boldness, gallantry, adventurous spirit, etc. Thus, for the purpose of highlighting all these aspects, I have elaborated on the role played them during the period of the Gurus, in the IS" century, under the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, as soldiers of the British Indian army and in the fight freedom of the country. As soldiers of the British army, their achievements the two world wars are notable. However, in the history books, the same are often ignored. I have, therefore, written 3 chapters on these two wars. I have also separately dealt with their role in the skies, in the sea and many other sheres outside the battle fields. The contribution made by them for reserving the integrity of the country, for its economic development, for the agricultural enrichment and for promotion of various arts and crafts, are the subject matter of various other chapters.

Although, I have not made any research, I have collected my material from various books, magazines, newspapers, internet websites and reports and records. I have drawn heavily from the Encyclopaedia of Sikhism as prepared by Punjabi University, Patiala and quoted there from at appropriate places. I have mentioned the names of some other books also from which I have quoted in my support. Mention may also be made of the two books on Sikh Diaspora, one by Dr Surjit Kaur and another by Gurmukh Singh, which proved very useful for writing about Sikhs abroad. I have also used some observations and photographs from these books. Similar is the position regarding other sources of my information including Nishaan from which I have not only quoted, but also reproduced a number of photographs. Among the various persons with whom I have discussed certain matters, the Executive Director of this wonderful magazine, S. Pushpinder Singh, deserves a special mention. His vast knowledge regarding Indian army and other Sikh affairs in India and abroad proved very helpful to me in writing the relevant portions. Not only this, S. Pushpinder Singh was kind enough to go through certain chapters relating to wars and gave valuable suggestions.

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The Story Of Valiant Sikhs - Book By S.J.S Pall

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