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The Mystique Of Sikhism - Book By K S Duggal

Introduction To Book 'The Mystique Of Sikhism' By K S Duggal

Mystique is much too abstract a term. To realize it, it is best to see it reflected in an appropriate event. Here is one: During with freedom struggle, a train loaded with freedom fighters was passing through Panja Sahib (Hasan Abdal), it was not to stop at Panja Sahib railway station. The Sikhs of the town came to know that the arrested patriots were without food and water. How could such a train be allowed to pass Panja Sahib where Guru Nanak had quenched the thirst of Bhai Mardana by performing a miracle? But the White Man insisted that the train must run through without stopping at any intervening station. The Sikhs must have the train stop and feed the patriots who were hungry and without water. They pleaded with the authorities without success. They must stop the train. They lay down on the railway line; men, women and children, hundreds of them. The train come whistling and screaming. It crushed one, two, three and came to a halt. The moment the train stopped the freedom fighters were fed and provided water.

This is just one incident reflecting the Sikh mystique. As the reader wades through the pages of the volume, he or she would come across a variety of them reflecting mystique of Sikh faith.


About The Author  'The Mystique Of Sikhism' 

Transcreator of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture into English verse, K.S. Duggal endowed with Waris Award as Punjabi Writer Conference, 2001, is a much celebrated author in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English. With more than five hundred short stories, three trilogies of fiction besides half a dozen independent novels, eleven full-length plays, five collections of short plays, an autobiography and several works of prose of ideas, he has been honoured by President of India with Padam Bhushan, nominated as Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabba), bestowed Sabitya Academy Award, Hindi Sansthan Award and Ghalib Award for Urdu drama besides endowed with Soviet Land Nehru Award, nominated as Fellow of Punjabi university, Guru Nanak Dev university and Punjabi Academy. A prolific writer, he is now engaged in writing his memoirs - My Times And My Life of which two parts have already been published - Whom To Tell My Tale? and A Multi-Splendoured Sage. Elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Letters recently in the words of Khushwant Singh, the icon of Indian media - "The sheer bulk of his published works outnumbers and outweighs works of any Indian author alive or dead. It will fill several shelves of a library."



Table Of Contents For 'The Mystique Of Sikhism' Book By K S Duggal


Page No


Chapter 1:

The Mystique of Sikhism

Chapter 2:

The Sikh Defined

Chapter 3:

Why I am a Sikh

Chapter 4:

Religious Tolerance in Sikhism

Chapter 5:

The Word Became The Guru

Chapter 6:

Secular Perceptions In Sikh Faith

Chapter 7:

Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Secularism

Chapter 8:

The Sikhs in Freedom Struggle

Chapter 9:

The Sahjdhari Sikhs

Chapter 10:

The Nirankaris

Chapter 11:

The Nihang Singhs

Chapter 12:

The Namdhari Sikhs

Chapter 13:

Kirtan - A Gift of God

Chapter 14:

The Sanctity of Anand Karaj

Chapter 15:

The Majesty of Mother Tongue

Chapter 16:

Sikhism in the Twenty-first Century

Chapter 17:

Saluting Saragarhi



Author K.S.Duggal
Pages 90
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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The Mystique Of Sikhism - Book By K S Duggal

  • Brand: UBS
  • Product Code: SPE104
  • Authors: K S Duggal
  • Page: 90
  • Format: Hardbound
  • Language: English
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs.395.00

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