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Se Kinehiya? English (Part 2) - Book By Sewa Singh Sant

Foreword To 'Se Kinehiya? (Part 2)' By Sewa Singh Sant 

Biography of great human being Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji of Rampur Khera was published and presented to the Sangat under the title "Se Kinehiya?", in 1990. A vast number of people attained insight after reading the life history of this great soul, gained inspiration from the Gurmat way oflife of Sant Baba Harnarn Singh ji, and continue to do so even now. Until 2013, eighty thousand copies of ''SE Kinehiya?'' were printed in fifteen editions and were distributed to Sangat free of cost. With the hope of preaching, propagation and popularisation of Gurmat (Guru's precepts/teachings) in mind, S.Bhupindar Singh ji resident of Canada, in 2006 converted Baba ji's biography Se Kinehiya?, eighteen other Sikh religious books and pamphlets/booklets into mp3 audio books and added to the ongoing propagation, popularisation and spread of Gurmat. More than one lakh & thirty thousand audio mp3 CDs have been distributed in the country and abroad until 2013, and are still being distributed. Listening to these audio books, sincere seekers and Gurmat followers from the driving profession and many more have particularly benefited from these audio books and this process is continuing.

Some more life events of Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji of Rampur Khera, which came out of the orifice of memory of Das (this servant) and could recollect, those life events I have endeavoured to present to you-Sangat as a tribute titled Se Kinehiya (Part-2).

It is hoped that the way Sangat gained benefit by reading Se Kinehiya (Part-I), similarly Sangat will definitely derive insight and inspiration of Gurmat teachings & Gurmat way of life from ''Se Kinehiya (Part-2)''.

Contribution of Sewa (service) for printing of Se Kinehiya (Part-2) has been done by S.Gurdial Singh, Bibi Manpreet Kaur Dhillon resident of Modesto, u.s.a and thus attained joys of Satguru. May Satgur shower fruits of service to the whole family.

Those Guru Pyare (Guru's loved ones)who cannot read Punjabi, for their convenience & comfort, so that they can also benefit by reading the life events (biography) of this great soul, Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji; Se Kinehiya (Part-2) too has been rendered into English (translation). S.Bhulla Singh Malhi B.Sc., B.Ed.,M.A. (English & Pol sc), Principal Bibi Nirmal Kaur M.A.B.Ed. and Group Captain Jarnail Singh Malhi M.Sc.(retired­air force fighter pilot) performed service (Sewa) of Punjabi to English version with love, devotion and dedication.

S.Tejinder Singh Khalsa (resident of Amritsar) did Sewa for typesetting, designing and page-making etc with love and devotion. May Satguru ji shower grace and fruits of service to all of them and bless them with strength and wisdom to do Sewa (service) in the future too.

Afterreading "Se Kinehiya?" (Part-2), if 'you-Sangat' have any Gurmat suggestion, kindly do send that suggestion to me. Bestow, according to

"that you may never forget the Lord, Har, Har, even for an instant.

May you ever vibrate upon the Lord of the Universe".

"NIMAKH NA BISARA-0 TUM KA-0 HAR HAR SADAA BHATAHU JAGDEES." blessings of love and grace upon this servant (Das) so that this human birth becomes fruitful.

Servant (Das) is grateful to all the Guru's loved ones (Guru Py are) from the bottom of the heart.

In gratidute to Waheguru, Satgurus & Sangat 

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Se Kinehiya? English (Part 2) - Book By Sewa Singh Sant

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