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Baisakhi Of The Khalsa Panth - Book By Dr. Preetam Singh

Introduction To 'Baisakhi Of The Khalsa Panth' By Dr. Preetam Singh

Under the guidance of the Ten Gurus, the sikhs continued their mental, social, and spiritual progress. The principles established by Guru Nanak, began to appeal to ever increasing numbers of people of other faiths. However, Emperor Jehangir saw in the Sikh religion a direct challenge to Islam. He, therefore, decided to close ( what he described ) this shop of Falsehood. As a result, he ordered Guru Arjan, the 5th Nanak to be tortured and killed. That was the first martyrdom of a Sikh Guru. The next was the putting to the sword of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the 9th Nanak. Emperor Aurangzeb was an extremely bigoted and intolerant monarch. He wanted all his subjects to be of the Islamie faith. The Hindu Leaders of the time approached  Guru Tegh Bahadur to intercede with the emperor on their behalf. The Emperor offered to spare the Guru's life, if he were to convert to Islam himself, otherwise he shall face death. The Guru stood firm for the right of the people to practise a religion of their choice.  The consequence was that he was beheaded at a public execution.

Guru Gobind Singh succeeded his father at a fairly young age, and, inspite of the continuing hostility of the Hindu Rajahs and the Mughal government surrounding him, he spent all his life in organising thr Sikhs on the principles of the sikh faith. Eventually, in 1699, he gave the sikhs their own distinctive form by establishing the Khalsa Panth ( brotherhood ).

Guru Gobind Singh recognised that many of the Sikhs were riding in two boats: they did not want to totally sever their connections with the varna system, yet they wanted to practise the teachings of the Gurus.

Guru Gobind Singh took this  opportunity to winnow grain from chaff, and end their duality for all the time. He introduced a voluntary brotherhood, into which he caused to be initiated, all those who were dedicated and loyal followers of the teachings of the Gurus. By stipulating the wearring of the 5Ks ( Kangha, karra, kesh, kachhera, and Kirpan) , he gave them a visible form. Codesf conduct are laid down for the guidance of the members, and they all pledge strictly to adhere to these.


 Table Of Contents For 'Baisakhi Of The Khalsa Panth' By Dr. Pritam Singh


Page No

  IK Parichay 5
1 Baisakhi of the Khalsa Panth 15
2 Guru Nanak's Mission 43
3 Guru Nanak's Impact on Politics 66
4 Conservation of Sikh Heritage 82
5 Time to Introspect 98
6 Bekasara Yaar Guru Gobind Singh ( Punjabi )


7 Sikh Dharam di Vilakhanta ( Punjabi ) 118


Author Dr. Pritam Singh
Pages 144
Cover Hardbound
Language Punjabi

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Baisakhi Of The Khalsa Panth - Book By Dr. Preetam Singh

  • Rs.150.00

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