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A Complete Guide To Sikhism - Book By Dr. Jagraj Singh


The reason for writing this book is to disseminate information about the Sikhs and Sikhism in the world beyond the Indian subcontinent, where Sikhism took its birth in the 15th century. The lack of information about the Sikhs and their religion (Sikhism) led to the arrest, harassment, beating of the innocent Sikhs and damage to their properties and burning of their shrines (Gurdwaras) in the United States of America after the unfortunate incident of September 11, 2001. And in the after-math of racial hatred the only person shot dead was a Sikh, Sardar Balbir Singh in Phoenix (Arizona) while attending his gas station. The Sikhs were considered to be Taliban Muslims of Afghanistan by the majority of the Americans, because of their beard and turban.

So far attempt had been made to undertake a structured study of Sikhism to acquaint the people in the outside world about the details of this latest  world faith and its followers, the Sikhs. It had become necessary firstly, since the Sikhs now live in the farthest corners of the world (about more than 120 countries), a need exists for the people of those countries to know something of the history, tradition and religious practices and beliefs of the new arrivals in  their midst. Secondly, it is a well known fact that the Hindus are highly intolerant of the non-confirming faiths, there have been persistent attempts on their part to over turn the Sikh history and theology particularly after the Sikhs lost their rule. Before the decolonization of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, the radical Hindus of Punjab were very active in this regard. With the de-colonization of the Indian subcontinent (Hindustan) in 1947 A. D., and the divison, destruction and denial of their state back to Sikhs by the British, they (Sikhs) for the first time in history came under the tutelage of a reviving Hinduism. Immediately after gaining independence the Government of India dominated by radical Hindus undertook the task of distorting the Sikh history, theology and undermining of Sikhism and even declaring Sikhism a sect of Hinduism. Hence it had become utterly necessary to document a structured study of Sikhism to tell the outside world about its separate entity and expose the lies of its enemies.

The glory of Sikh religion is its universality which cannot brook sectarianism or narrow loyalties in any shape or form. It was intended by its founders to become the heritage, not of any particular group of people, but of the whole mankind. Guru Nanak was the Guru not of the Sikhs alone, but of the whole mankind. He desired that his message should go to every nook and corner of the world in the same manner as it had gone through him during his own sojourn in life.

I have been very keen to produce a book on Sikhism in English, to begin with, which should give a faithful interpretation of the Sikh Principles for the English knowing people. I feel that the present generations needs badly Guru Nanak's message in which discerning men will surely find solace for their restless souls and torch to enlighten them, "Gur darsan udhray sansaara, je ko lay-ay bhao piyara" i.e., " Through Guru's philosophy the whole world can be saved if the same were accepted with devotion and love" (GGS, Rag Asa).

In view of this claim of the Guru to save the whole mankind, it becomes a duty to share the message with all and I feel confidant that it will serve to elevate them socially, morally and spiritually.

Though every care has been taken, mistake, if any, in typing or otherwise, is highly regretted for which I may be pardoned. I shall be grateful to receive kind suggestions.

Dr. Jagraj Singh
Sri Hargobindpur
District Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
6438 Bright Bay CT

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A Complete Guide To Sikhism - Book By Dr. Jagraj Singh

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