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Two centuries of Western Writings on Sikhism form an independent tradition of interpretation and a distinct perspective. The present study seeks to elaborate and explore the nature of the Western perspective on the Sikh religion, focussing on its distinctive features. It aims at bringing out the contribution of the western writers to the understanding of the Sikh tradition and faith. Being a study of the non-participant outsider's perspective from the participant insider's point of view it assumes the form of a dialogue. The process of image formation when differing communities interact has also been discussed at some length, keeping in view the intentions, motivations and relative status of the interacting groups. It also describes the development and inner dynamism of the Western perspective on Sikhism. A survey of the Western writings introduces the reader to the Western perspective. In the subsequent chapter it examines the Western understanding of the Sikh tradition and Sikh faith. In an almost unexplored area the study breaks a new ground and is indispensable for those interested in more comprehensive and critical understanding of the Western contribution to the study of the Sikh religion.


About the Author Of The Book 'Western Perspective on The Sikh Religion' 

Dr. Darshan Singh (b. 1950) took his M.A., M.Litt. and Ph.D. degrees from the Punjabi University, Patiala. In the year 1980-81 he was offered a fellowship by the Center for the Study of. World Religions at Harvard University (U.S.A.) and he earned a Certificate in Advanced Study in Comparative Religions. A Study of Bhakta Ravidasa, Western Image of the Sikh Religion, The Khalsa in Comparative Perspective, Guru Granth Sahib among the Scriptures of the World (edited), Dharam Adhyan ate Sikh Adhyan (Pbi.) and Bhai Gurdas the First Interpreter of Sikhism (Pbi.) are the other publications of the author. He has been editing journal of Religious Studies for the last 10 years. He also published more than forty research papers on different aspects of Sikhism and Religious Studies in the journals of international repute. Presently he is a professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Religious Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala.


Author Darshan Singh
Pages 244
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Language English

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Western Perspective on The Sikh Religion - Book By Darshan Singh

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