Preface Of The Book 'The Life Divine - Life of Guru Harkishan Ji' By Dr. Harbans Lal Agnihotri , Chand R. Agnihotri

Contemplated about two decades back, the present series of volumes on Sikh Gurus had their genesis in the need, poignantly felt by us, to reaffirm our commitment to the ideals enshrined in Gurbani and the composite culture of Panjab and to reach out to the people who are not fully conversant with Panjabi language and the legacy of the Gurus.

We make no claim to learning or scholarship; nor do we pretend to have discovered anything absolutely original, hitherto unknown, from the labyrinths of records and manuals. An earnest attempt has, however been made to present rationally and historically the life of Guru Har Krishan for the readers exposed to the cross-currents of cultures and thoughts.

We take the opportunity to acknowledge our indebtedness to the scholars whose learned treatises sharpened our insight. The kinship of shared perceptions is eternally gratifying.

We would like to thank S. Kulbir Singh Suri (Nanak Singh Pustak Mala, Amritsar), Shri S. N. Malik (Hisar) and Shri Munish Agnihotri (Hisar)  for their help and sustained interest in the work. Our thanks are due to Shri Sandeep Agnihotri for his efforts to bring out the book impressively.

Suggestions for further improvement of the book will be gratefully acknowledged.

'Sakoon' Harbans Lal Agnihotri
732/5, Bank Colony, Hisar-125001 Chand R. Agnihotri


Table Of Contents Of the Book 'The Life Divine - Life of Guru Harkishan Ji' By Dr. Harbans Lal Agnihotri , Chand R. Agnihotri

  (A) Thus spake of Guru Gobind Singh  
  (B) A Tribute Paid by Bhai Nanad Lal Goya  
  (C) In Thankfulness and Supplication  
  (D) A Note on the Authors  
  (E) Preface  
1 Introduction 17
2 Birth at Kiratpur 22
3 Education  and General Upbringing 30
4 Darkening Shadows 39
5 Ram Rai Disinherited and Disowned 45
6 Guru Har Krishan Becomes the Eighth Guru 52
7 Ram Rai Isolated and Drifted 58
8 Guru Har Krishan Summoned to Delhi 65
9 Guru Har Krishan Leaves for Delhi 71
10 Meaning of Divine Grace 74
11 Guru Har Krishan Reaches Delhi 80
12 Guru Har Krishan and the Delhi Sikh Sangat 85
13 Guru Har Krishan Refuses to Meet Aurangzeb 88
  Select Bibliography 100
  Index 103


Author Dr. Harbans Lal Agnihotri , Chand R. Agnihotri
Pages 104
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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The Life Divine - Life of Guru Harkishan Ji - Book By Chand R. Agnihotri, Dr. Harbans Lal Agnihotri

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