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Sikh Religion and Culture - Book By Dewan Singh

Table Of Contents For 'Sikh Religion and Culture' Book By Dewan Singh




Page No
  -Foreword 9
1. Sikh religion and culture 11
2. Sikh Symbols and Identity 14
3. Spiritual Basis of Sikhism 18
4. Sikh View of Ethics and Morality 22
5. Guru Nanak and the Concept of Nam 27
6. Guru Ram Das : Founder of Amritsar 35
7. Shaikh  Farid : The Great Sufi Saint 45
8. Ranjit Singh and His Secular Rule 49
9. Foreign Writers on Ranjit Singh and His Court 55
10. Bhai Vir Singh : The Great Sikh Biographer 67
11. Bhai Vir Singh and His Religious Impact 74
12. Khalsa College : A Living Symbol of Sikh Culture 84
13. Khalsa College : Past and Present 93
14. Modern Education and the Sikhs 98


Foreword To Book  'Sikh Religion and Culture' Book By Dewan Singh

This book of essays as its title shows deals primarily with subjects related to Sikh religion and culture. The first four essays form one unit in as much as they delineate the perennial and modern issues facing Sikhism since its inception over five hundred years ago. Some of these have been constantly under focus during the present era and are being hotly discussed by the Sikh society in general and as burning issues, in the political circles.

The important question of the Sikh symbols, as ordained by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 A.D. when Khalsa nation was formally instituted and proclaimed, is one such burning issue. If this mandate is flouted or disobeyed by any Sikh individual, or a group, it becomes a matter of serious betrayal and open defiance of the Guru's Will. Hence I have taken exception to this affront as a gross breach of faith. The essay entitled 'Sikh Symbols and Identity' has been especially contributed to highlight this problem as forcefully as I could.

Similarly, the oft-neglected reality of Sikh culture and Sikh ethics has been emphatically projected and brought into limelight. Two essays on the importance of Khalsa College, Amritsar and on the education among Sikhs have a bearing on the maintenance of Sikh culture and propagation of Sikh principles. 

The essay on Guru Ram Das as founder of Amritsar, portrays a great urban phenomenon launched by the great Guru in 1577 A.D. to provide an important religious-cum-social centre for the fast developing Sikh community, which in the next two centuries (17th and 18th A.D.) became the Mecca of the Sikh nation, and a constant source of inspiration for the Sikhs, to congregate, discuss and thrash out their religious and political problems. Since then the Golden Temple and the Akal Takht have become the hub and pivot of all Sikh activities and deliberations.

I am confident and hopeful about the future of Sikh nation because it has an inner endemic strength to preserve its identity, whatever the occasional impediments and setbacks it has had to face with the passage of time. Only what is urgently needed is not to be complacent and lukewarm in religious matters and every Sikh (one and all) should raise their voice of protest against any infringement of the basic truth and vital principles of Sikh Faith.

Dewan Singh



Author Dewan Singh
Pages 104
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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Sikh Religion and Culture - Book By Dewan Singh

  • Brand: Singh Brothers
  • Product Code: SPE116
  • Authors: Dewan Singh
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardbound
  • Language: English
  • Availability: In Stock
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