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Democracy In India - Book By Dr. R. S . Bhalla

Introduction To The Book 'Democracy In India' By Dr. R. S . Bhalla

 The book sheds light on the prejudices, injustices, distortions and discriminatory attitude of the government of India, which is dominated by Hindu majority, towards other ethnic minorities, especially the Sikhs. For the development, solidarity, cohesion and unity of the Republic of India such an attitude is not a healthy trend. The book stresses on the solidarity and unity of India by making changes in the Constitution of India so as to give due recognition to different ethnic identities. Such changes will strengthen the future course of India's prosperity and social cohesion and buttress corroboration of ethnic identities.

Any systematic thinking about any nation is linked with its identity. The identity of a nation gives an ample idea about the background of a nation, its social, religious and political setting, its sense of freedom and justice. Such a setting is a starting point in the establishment of a nation in the community of nations.

The Sikh nation came on the world stage with the birth of its founder Guru Nanak in 1469 and fully established itself with its last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh who passed away in 1708 after consummating the mission of Guru Nanak. The mission of Guru Nanak was brought to fruition by creating Khalsa which is an embodiment of social, administrative, political and was brought to fruition by creating Khalsa which is  an embodiment of social, administrative, political and ethical system, rejecting the caste system and ascetic way of life and thereby setting the principles of equality and social justice in socio-political life. This outlook approved the ideal of soldier-saint - when all means fail, it is right to take up the sword to fight injustice. With the ongoing march the Sikh faith acquired all the characteristics that formed an insignia of a nation. During the times of the last Guru, the Sikhs formed themselves a formidable force resting on the principles of freedom and justice to all human beings as their motto that culminated in the establishment of a Sikh kingdom in 1799. All moral, spiritual and social energies infused in the Sikh nation by their founders brought reward to which Cunningham states that The last apostle of the Sikhs did not live to see his own ends accomplished, but he effectually roused the dormant energies of a vanquished people, and filled them with a lofty although fitful longing for social freedom and national ascendancy, the proper adjuncts of that purity of worship which had been preached by Guru Nanak. Guru Gobind saw what was yet vital, and he relumed it with Promethean fire.


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Democracy In India - Book By Dr. R. S . Bhalla

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