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Sikh Leadership - Book By Joginder Singh

Introduction To 'Sikh Leadership' By Joginder Singh

In this work the author has identified and examined the social background of nearly three hundred prominent Sikh leaders and activists and a co-relationship between their background and socio-political perceptions. These leaders and activists were associated with the Sikh organisations like the Singh Sabhas, the Diwans, the Chief Khalsa Diwan, the Central Sikh League, the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee and Shiromani Akali Dal. On the basis of their heterogeneous social composition and different roles, the work denotes five categories of the Sikh leadership namely (a) the aristocratic leaders (b) retired civil and military personnel (c) professionals (d) religious leaders and functionaries (e) jathedars and activists.

The comprehensive background of this leadership in itself suggests that no single  paradigm is adequate to analyse the causes and circumstances under which it joined the different Sikh organisations at different times. Therefore the work highlights the specific situations under which each category of this leadership joined the Sikh organisations and distinct role played by each category in the Singh Sabha and the Akali Movements in late 19th and early 20th centuries. 


About the Author Of 'Sikh Leadership'

Joginder Singh, Professor of History, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, has been studying Modern Sikh History for over two decades; has written several articles on socio-religious, cultural and political articulation of the Sikhs under the British rule; has also written a monograph entitled, The Sikh Resurgence (1997) which analyses this type of articulation during the intervening period between the Singh Sabha Movement and the Gurdwara Reform Movement ; undertook a U.G.C.'s major research project entitled  " The Sikh Leaders and Activists in Early 20th Century : A Study of thier Social and Political Ideology" (1994-1997).


Preface To 'Sikh Leadership' By Joginder Singh

This work is a modified and extended form of project report entitled "The Sikh Leaders and Activists in Early Twentieth Century: A Study of their Social and Political Ideology". The project was sanctioned and funded by the University Grants Commission under the category of Major Research Project in Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages in 1994. I am indebted to the U.G.C. with a feeling of gratitude, I recall the suggestion of Dr. Ram Singh, the former Principal , B.U.C. College, Batala (Distt. Gurdaspur) that to understand the right perspectiveof a movement, it is essential to know the social background of its leadership. His idea took a concrete shape when I could furnish some information about the social background of the leadership of the Sikh Movements of late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in my doctoral thesis (1991). I was further encouraged to take up this exercise by Professor W.H. Mcleod, Professor V.N. Datta and Professor Mohinder Singh who examined my doctoral thesis. Consequently, I added one chapter on the Sikh leadership in my work: The Sikh Resurgence (1997). I am indebted to all of them.

This monograph could not have been written without the help and support of a number of colleagues and friends. Foremost amongst them are Professor Paramjit Singh Judge, Department of Sociology, Professor Gurdev Singh, Department of History and Dr. Parminder Singh, Department of English who gave a close reading to the text and gave valuable suggestions to improve the analysis. However, errors of facts or methodological style which has not been taken care of , are mine. I have benefited immensely from my long term interaction with Pofessor J.S. Grewal, Professor H.K. Pui, Professor Himadri Banerji, Professor K.L. Tuteja, and Dr. Gurinder Singh Mann who showed a Keen interest in the process of completion of this work. I thank Professor J.S. Grewal for his suggestion that monograph should be restructured separating text from the biographical accounts so that the latter could serve s a dictionary of the Sikh leadership. My thanks are due to my colleagues and administrative staff of the Department of History and Bhai Gurdas Library , Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar for their help and cooperation. The staff of Sikh History Research Centre, Khalsa College, Amritsar and Desh Bhagat Yadgar Library, Jalandhar deserve my special thanks as they placed all the relevant records at my disposal. I thank Dr. Malwinder Singh and Miss Sukhwant Kaur for locating some material. Miss Sukhwant Kaur also prepared the index of this work.

I would like to thank Dr. H.S. Soch, Vice- Chancellor; Dr. Inderpal Singh, Pro Vice-Chancellor , Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and Professor P.S. Raikhy, the then Chairman, Publication Committee who were kind enough to expedite the process of approval of the manuscript for its Publication. I am, in particular, thankful to Mr. J.S. Walia, Director, Press & Publications, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and his colleagues who were extremely helpful in each stage of its publication and for preparing the format of this work.

My wife, Jaspal gave all love and care which I required to complete this work. I wish to dedicate this book to my son Mandeep Singh lovingly called Manu.


Table Of Contents For 'Sikh Leadership' By Joginder Singh


Preface (V)
Part - I  
Introduction 1
Aristocratic Leaders 18
Retired Civil and Military Personnel 34
Professionals 50
Religious Leaders and Functionaries 74
Prominent Jathedars and Activists 91
Conclusions 114
Biographical Accounts 121
Index 349


Author Joginder Singh
Pages 352
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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Sikh Leadership - Book By Joginder Singh

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