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Outlines Of Sikh Philosophy - Book By Jodh Singh

From The Frontcover Of 'Outlines Of Sikh Philosophy' By Jodh Singh

Most of the scholars on Sikh Studies have taken historical frame-work as the basis of their academic endeavors and philosophy which is the mother of all disciplines has remained neglected. Though Sikhism has made a niche among the world religions yet its philosophy requires to be enumerated in philosophical language and perspective. In this work, the author who is well grounded in Indian religious lore besides being an acknowledged contemporary scholar of Sikh religion and philosophy has delved deep into the Spirituo-temporal dimensions of Sikhism alongwith its stand about the environmental perceptions, gender discrimination, the concept of dialogue and the serpent power (kundalini) etc. The issues raised in this book will certainly pave the way for further philosophization, of Sikh thought.  


About The Author 'Dr. Jodh Singh' Of 'Outlines Of Sikh Philosophy'

Dr. Jodh Singh Professor of Sikhism in the Department of Religious Studies and Dean Faculty of Humanities and Religious Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala, holds Doctorate on 'Guru Nanak's Thought in the light of Siddha Gosti'. At present he is also a member of Indian Council of Philosophical Research and has several innovative works to his credit. 

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Outlines Of Sikh Philosophy - Book By Jodh Singh

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