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Noblemen And Kinsmen - Book By Preminder Singh Sandhawalia

From The Frontcover Of 'Noblemen And Kinsmen - History Of A Sikh Family' By Preminder Singh Sandhawalia 

Noblemen and Kinsmen is a rich and illuminating family history. Preminder Singh Sandhawalia casts his eye over the personali­ties and life-styles of members of his family from various generations, dating back to the seventeenth century and beyond. He introduces us to noblemen in Maharaja Ranjit Singh's court, to conspirators against the British Government in their quixotic attempt to recover the throne of Punjab for their collat­eral Maharaj a Dalip Singh and to the present generation of kinsmen who are judges, soldiers and engineers and also claimants to the 'Kohinoor', a priceless 186 carat gem of dazzling beauty.

This is the history of a remarkable family recounted in a pithy, engaging and thoroughly readable style. The author's prose remains sharp and fresh from cover to cover, and his manuscript exudes a powerful and highly infectious energy. The observations, characters and situations portrayed are relayed in vivid detail, so that each moment has a kind of living authenticity. The book's fluidity and natural tone belie its intricate construction, yet there can be no doubt that Mr. Sandhawalia took a great deal of time selecting and order­ing his material with the requirements of the modern reader very much in mind. 


About The Author 'Preminder Singh Sandhawalia' Of 'Noblemen And Kinsmen - History Of A Sikh Family'

Preminder Singh Sandhawalia studied in Bombay to graduate with a Science degree and an Honours degree in Civil Engineering. Following a career in India in which he was first a member of the country's Central Engineering Services (I) and then head of the Department of Engineering in the Inter­national Airports Authority of India, he worked after 1984 in various international assign­ments for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) before retiring in 1996. He is now settled in Chandigarh, India. 

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Noblemen And Kinsmen - Book By Preminder Singh Sandhawalia

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