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Rare Documents On Sikhs And Their Rule In The Punjab - Book By H.S.Bhatia

Introduction To 'Rare Documents On Sikhs And Their Rule In The Punjab' By H.S.Bhatia

The establishment of sovereign political power of the Sikhs over Northern India as bulwark against constant ferocious invasions on India from the North­West makes a unique history.

The growth of Sikh military and political power in the 18th/19th century has perhaps no parallel in history. Transformatlon of Sikhs from a docile, suppliant and indulgent people into a fearless warrior class of unmatched quality, as if through some divination, their ordeals and sacrifices, their guerrilla warfare and armed struggle against foreign despotic and ruthless rulers have been told vividly in the pages of this book.

This book deals with a period of about three hundred years-from time of Guru Nanak to that of Runjeet Singh and his descendants. Effort has been made here to present an integrated historical account of the Sikhs based on rare documents including some unpublished ones, of early historians, travellers, and courtiers.

Contents include : Origin and Making of a Nation; Historical and Political Memoir of Transactions in the Punjab; Memoirs of the Reign of Runjeet Singh; Thirty-five Years in the East; Travels in India, Sinde and the Punjab.


About The Author Of 'Rare Documents On Sikhs And Their Rule In The Punjab'

H.S. Bhatia (1915-2007) born at Lahore was a first class law graduate of the Panjab University and an Ex-Ordnance Officer, Indian Army. During his stay at Army HQs, he wrote 'Ordnance History'. He was a distinguished scholar of Indian history having many books; multi­volume works and articles to his credit. He had sponsored some International Essay Competitions and organised seminars besides attending many other seminars and conferences. His scholarly and research articles have been published in various prestigeous journals.

Mr. Bhatia was founder and chief editor of 'Civil & Military Law Journal' (quarterly) since 1965, 'Civil & Military Review' (monthly) and Deep & Deep Publications Pvt. Ltd. He had been member Supreme Court Bar Association and Legal adviser to SAD and Chief Khalsa Diwan and President All India Small & Medium Newspapers Federation. Among his pioneer, deeply researched, highly-appreciated and widely-read books are 'Political, Legal & Military History of India' (in 10 Volumes), 'International Law & Practice in Ancient India', 'Rare Documents on Sikhs and Their Rule in the Punjab', 'European Women in India ­Their Life and Adventures', 'Origin and Development of Legal & Political System in India' (in 3 Volumes), 'Legal & Political System in China', 'Military Dictionary & Encyclopedia', 'Martial Law-Theory and Practice', 'Unity & Discipline Through Law', 'Portrait of a Political Murder-Trial and Execution of Z.A. Bhutto'. 'Studies in Islamic Law, Religion and Society', and, 'Encyclopaedic History of the Sikhs and Sikhism', (in 6 volumes) and 'India in 1857-Before and After).

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Rare Documents On Sikhs And Their Rule In The Punjab - Book By H.S.Bhatia

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