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How To Play Sitar - Book By Krishna Kumar Aggarwal and smt Rama Babry

Table Of Contents For 'How To Play Sitar' By Krishna Kumar Aggarwal and smt Rama Babry




Page No
1. Your Friend Sitar 9-16
  Selection of the Sitar. Simple, Advance and Double Gourd sitars. Main   
  parts and their settings, Use of finger board and other parts  
2. Playing on the Sitar 17-24
  Different sitting postures on ground, on chair and on bench. Proper positi  
  on of hands. Wearing and use of the mizrab  
3. Notes and Octaves 25-30
  Names and signs of seven full tone and five varied notes. Difference betwe  
   en Hindi and English notes and octaves  
4. Tune Your Sitar 31-38
  Seven main and thirteen sympathetic strings, their names and notes with   
  octaves to be tuned on them. Tuning with the help of a harmonium and wi  
  thout any instrument  
5. Tips for Proper Playing 39-42
  Five boles of strings and their production. Tips for fast and proper moveme  
  nts of fingures  
6. Practice of the plates 43-45
  Ten plates for playing with string and fret numbers  
7. Thatas and Ragas 46-50
  Ten thatas with their places. Description of the ragas and their nine divisio  
  ns. Vadee, samvadee and varjit swaras and pakar  
8. Notations of Selected Ragas 51-60
  Notation of 12 ragas belonging to all 10 thatas, named----Raga Bilawal, Bh  
  ai ravi, Yaman, Kedara, Asavari, Kaafee, Bhimpalasi, Marva, Khamboj, Bhai  
  rava Pooriya Dhanshree and Raga Todi  
9. Tempo or Laya and Tal 61-64
  Importance and proper use of three tempos and various tals. Notations of   
  9 popular tals with the number of Matras, Sam, Khali and Talies  
10. Signs used in the Notations 65-66
11. Raga's Based Music Pieces 67-74
  1. Prayer to God                                                5. Shiva Aradhana  
  2. A Bhajan                                                        6. Guru Aradhana  
  3. Jago Mohan Pyare                                       7. Holi Geet  
  4. Guru Vandna                                                 8. A Virah Geet  
12. Prayers and National Songs 75-82
  1. Saraswati Vandna  
  2. Aartee----Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare  
  3. Our National Anthem---Jan Gan Man  
  4. Our National Song---Vande Maatram  
  5. Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din  
13. Some Serious Songs 83-101
  1. Sandeshe Aate Hain---Film Border  
  2. Chandi Kee Deewar Na Tori---Film Vishwas  
  3. Aapko Hamse Bichhude Hue---Film Vishwas  
  4. Too Pyar Ka Sagar Hai---Film Seema  
  5. Khilona Jan Kar Tum To Mera Dil---Film Khilona  
  6. Shame Gam Kee Kasam---Film Footpath  
  7. Maine Rakkha Hai Mohabbat---Film Shabnam  
  8. Ik Pyar Ka Nagma Hai---Film Bandini  
  9. O Jane Wale Ho Sake To---Film Bandini  
  10. Wafa Na Raas Aayee---Film Bewafa Sanam  
14. Evergreen Film Songs 102-120
  1. Dekhi Hai Saree Duniya---Singer Aleesha Chinoy  
  2. Ek Rasta Hai Zindgee---Film  Kala Patthar  
  3. Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagee---Film Kal Ho Na Ho  
  4. O Re Manjhi, Mere Manjhi---Film Bandini  
  5. Jadoo Teri Nazar---Film Daar  
  6. Ye Teri Aankhen Jhuki Jhuki---Film Fareb  
  7. Kis Tarah Jeete Hain---Film Nai Roshni  
  8. Deedee Tera Dewar Diwana---Film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun  
  9. Koyal Kooke Hook Uthaye---Film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge  


Preface To 'How To Play Sitar' By Krishna Kumar Aggarwal and smt Rama Babry

God makes a man, the tailor makes him gentleman and the education makes him a wise man. Games and physical exercises provide good health and the yoga increases mental power. Watching of favourite programmes give pleasure, social work bring popularity among people and religion provides mental satisfaction. But it is music, and only one art the music, which can provide all above things with a lote of money also. When you play on any musical instrument your body does a balanced physical exercise. Proper playing on any musical instrument needs full attention, so this practice increases the ability of your mind and soul. You gets a lot of pleasure and mental satisfaction while play on any musical instrument and also get the love and respect of the listeners. Not only this, a perfect musician also receive a lot of money with limitless popularity and respect.

Dance, singing and playing on any musical instrument are the three waves of the music.You can adopt any branch of your choice. as all three are equally useful. But for dancing balanced and smart body is compulsory while for singing sweet voice is a must. On the other hand every person, from child to senior citizen, can easily play on any musical instrument of his choice. There are more than a hundred musical instruments, and out of them some are very popular too. Just like harmonium, casio and guitar, the sitar is also a very popular instrument and also use to play on various occasions. The sitar is a must in every classical musical programme, while solo playing on the sitar is also superhit these days.

If you are actual lover of music and want to learn playing on any musical instrument, than the sitar will be prove your best choice. Just like the harmonium and synthesizer, you can also sing while playing on your sitar, but it is not compulsory. Opposite to the tabla, guitar and harmonium its pitch of sound remains very low, so your neighbours will not disturb when you will play on your sitar. Not only this, the strings of the sitar produce so harmonic and melodious sound, that complete atmosphere fills with the divine waves and light. Only sitar, veena and jal-tarang can produce this type of atmosphere.

Proper playing on a sitar is a bit difficult than the playing on any other musical instrument. Just like guitar and other string-instruments, all the seven strings of the sitar are tuned before playing. You strike on any one of these strings by the first finger of your right hand and the fingers of your left hand press this string on required fret. These are the reasons,, in the beginning you may feel some difficulty, but infact it is not a problem. It is the most marvellous and wonderful aspect of the playing on a sitar and very interesting too. The complete knowledge of all these aspects with A to Z of proper playing on sitar is providing this book.

This book may be prove a complete guide and perfect music teacher for you. From every smallest basic knowledge to highest secrets are given in this book in a very simple language. Relating photographs, pictures, diagrams and charts are also provided. We are not challenging that this book will make you Pandit Ravi Shankar, but easily can say with confidence that it is the best and  complete book on this living art. You may become a master player of the sitar easily, it is the motto of this book and also the fruit of our hard labour of months together.

Author Krishna Kumar Aggarwal and smt Rama Babry
Pages 120
Cover Paperback
Language English

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How To Play Sitar - Book By Krishna Kumar Aggarwal and smt Rama Babry

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