Table Of Contents For 'How To Play Synthesizer' By Krishna Kumar Aggarwal




1. Why is Synth a King 9-13
  Merits of synthesizer with various uses. Comparison with other musical instruments.  
  Its present position and future  
2. Selection of Synthesizer 14-18
  Various sizes and models from smallest casios to biggest synths and organs with their  
  features, uses, merits and limitations. Costs of different models with their utilities.  
3. Activities to do Before Playing 19-26
  Selected postures for playing according to need. Setting of synthesizer, flow of current,  
  selection of musical instrument, rhythm and tempo with these commands. Some   
  precautions and proper tips for playing.  
4. Notes and Octaves 27-32
  Seven full tone and five varied notes in English and Hindi. Three main and other octaves.  
  Position of all notes in several octaves on key-board.  
5. Proper Movement of Fingers 33-39
  Proper use of both hands fingers and thumbs. Chart of all notes with proper fingers and  
  selected precautions with step by step practical practice.  
6. Practice of the Plates 40-42
  One dozen plates for playing in ascent and descent orders  
7. Friends of  Synthesizer 43-48
  Various musical instruments those should be played with synthesizer. Instruments   
  those can be played and those can not be played with synthesizers.  
8. Thatas and Ragas 49-52
  Brief description of these bases of our classical music  
9. Rhythms and Tempoes 53-60
  Description of rhythms and tempoes with the notations of sixteen rhythms. Comparison  
   between English rhythms and Hindi taals.  
10. Signs used in Notations 61-62
11. Religious and Patriotic Songs 63-73
  1. Saraswati Vandana---Maa Shardey, Maa Shardey  
  2. Shiva Aaradhana  
  3. Aaratee---Om Jai Jagdee  
  4. A Bhajan---Jago Mohan Pyare  
  5. Our National Anthem---Jan gan man  
  6. Our National Song---Vande maatram  
  7. Sare Jahan Se Achchha  
12. Best of the New Millenium 74-87
  1. Chali Chali Phir Chali Chali---Baghban  
  2. Papa Kahate Hain Bara nam Karega---Quyamat se Quyamat Tak  
  3. Ankhon se Kajal Ki Tarah---Alka Yagnik & Shaanu  
  4. Har Ghari Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi---Kal Ho Na Ho  
  5. Des Mere Meri Jaan Hai Too---Legend of Bhagat Singh  
  6. Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai---Jism  
  7. Kasam Ki Kasam Hai---Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon  
  8. Kyon Chalti Hai Pawan---Kaho Na Pyar Hai  
  9. Tumse Milana Baatein Karna---Tere Naam  
13. Superhit Melodious Songs 88-100
  Mujhko Bhee Lift Kara De---Kabhi To Nazar Milao  
  Le Jayenge, le Jayenge Dilwale---Chor Machaye Shor  
  Ga mere sang ga mere Sajna---Abhinetree  
  Nasha Ye Pyar Ka Nasha Hai---Man  
  Jab Hum Jawan Honge---Betab  
  Ye Mera Prem Patra Padhkar---Sangam  
  Dil Ke Jharokhe Main Tujhko---Brahmchari  
  Man Jaiye, Man Jaiye---Himmat  
14. Quawwalian and Pop Music 101-117
  1. Ankha Ladati Hai to Ladane De---Daler Mehandi  
  2. Dum Maro Dum---Hare Krishna Hare Ram  
  3. Chappa Chappa Charkha Chale---Machis  
  4. Tama Tama Loge---Thanedar  
  5. Kal Meri Tarah Mujhko---Mere Garib Nawaz  
  6. Ai Meri Joharjabeen---Waqt  
  7. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Sharabi---Five Rifles  
  8. Hamain To Loot Liya---Alhilal  


Preface To 'How To Play Synthesizer' By Krishna Kumar Aggarwal

Casio, organ and electric piano are the nick names of this wonderful musical instrument, its actual name is synthesizer which is also called synth in short. Playing on any synthesizer is quite different that the other musical instruments. It is the musical instrument which produce sound form electric chips and release the sound from its hidden mikes. It is the reason that some technical tasks are performed before playing on it each time. These technical tasks are not done when you play on any other musical instrument. Although these activities are not much difficult, but step by step proper finishing of thesetasks is a must for playing on any synthesizer from the very first day.

Playing on a synthesiizer is much easier than playing on any other musical instrument. Upto few decade ago harmonium was the superhit musical instrument, because it is easy to play and a player also can sing while playing on a harmonium. But today, entire position has changed. Synthesizer is not only superhit,  but now is the king of the whole music empire. Reasons are very clear. It produces the sound by electric-chips, so it does not have any bellows. Your both hands remain free for pressing various keys and you do minimum physical work when you play on a synthesizer.

A synthesizer can produce the sounds of five to a hundred musical instruments according to its size and model. It also can play selected rhythms and tunes of songs itself and the pitch of the sound can be set on any volume. Due to these reasons, it is a true friend of common music lovers and a good guide and teacher for the students of music. Not only this, for the persons those prefer pomp and show and want to justify themselves as most modern and highly educated and civilized person, it is the best way to play on a synthesizer.

Invention of synthesizer was a great revolution in the field of music. Now nearly fifty models of synthesizers are available, from two and half octave casio to five octave medium size and upto eight octave bigger size organs and synthesizers. But it is the bad-luck of our music and the lovers of music, that there is no good book available on this wonderful musical instrument, either in Hindi or in English. Although some books are available, but none of them has any information about this instrument.

Playing on a synthesizer is not only an art, but it is craft also. Selection of the instrument to play, selection of the rhythm and tempo and setting of the pitch of the sound are some tasks, those are the base of perfect playing on a synthesizer. These works are not done when you play on any other musical instrument, except synthesizer. This is the reason that the players of other musical instruments and common musicians do not know anything about these tasks. On the other hand, the professional players of the synthesizers do not like to share their technical experience with new comers.

I have tried my level best to solve this problem of the new-comers and  commmon players of the synthesizers. Co-author of this book Mr. Tony Sharma is himself a perfect player of the synthesizer and also the music director of a famous orchestra group of Delhi. We have also discussed with several music teachers and master players of the synthesizers of different models while preparing this book. These are the reasons that you may get all technical informations with relative photographs in this book. Common knowledge of English notes, octaves, rhythms,  tempoes and taals and ragas are also given in this book with their proper uses and how to use while playing on your synthesizer. I can say with confidence that if you will play on your synthesizer one hour per day and follow the ways given in this book, you will become a perfect player in a few weeks.

Author Krishna Kumar Aggarwal
Pages 116
Cover Paperback
Language English

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How To Play Synthesizer - Book By Krishna Kumar Aggarwal

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