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Creation of The Khalsa - Fulfillment of Guru Nanak's Mission - Book By Shiv Kumar Gupta

Foreword To Book 'Creation of The Khalsa - Fulfillment of Guru Nanak's Mission' By Shiv Kumar Gupta

Sikhism, the youngest of the world religions, arose over 500 years ago in this part of Indian sub-continent. A monotheistic, spiritual movement, with a pronounced social outlook, started by Guru Nanak, it received its sustenance, inspiration and guidance through the succession of nine Gurus. But it was not all smooth sailing. During the period of first two hundred years, Sikhism had to undergo a period of travails and tribulations. Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru, became a target of Mughal emperor Jahangir's wrath. This led to another phase in the evolutionary course of Sikhism under Guru Hargobind, the sixth Guru, who proclaimed the doctrine of correlation of 'Miri' and 'Piri'--through which, alongwith spiritual guidance he asked his followers to take up arms for protection of righteousness and be prepared to  meet the challenge of the times.

The period of Guru Har Rai and Guru Harkrishan passed off peacefully but the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur led to another re-orientation in Sikhism, when his son and successor, Guru Gobind Singh,rightly felt the pulse of the times and created the Khalsa to fight a dual battle political tyranny of the alien rule and the religious tyranny of the priestly class--in the true spirit of Guru Nanak's Mission. Building his Khalsa Holy Order on Guru Nanak's doctrine of human brotherhood and unequivocal rejection of caste system, Guru Gobind Singh achieved the pinnacle of the social and spiritual revolution. A new community was borne with a new heroic spirit and crusading zeal.

The year 1999 marks the trecentenary of the creation of the Khalsa; On this historic occasion, it is our earnest duty not only to remember the tenth Guru but also to comprehend and imbibe the spirit behind his Mission. It is in this spirit that we thought of producing a few Volumes to commemorate the great event so that not only the present generation but also the posterity may know and grasp the Guru's message for a better future. Commemora-tion of the tercentenary of the Khalsa has also relevance in the sense that today's society is passing through a new phase of globalisation and liberalisation leading to the decline of values enshrined in religion.

I am happy that the Department of History of our University has produced this Volume consisting of twenty six articles by experts in their respective fields in commemoration of the great event. I congratulate Dr. Shiv Kumar Gupta, Head, Department of History, for putting all efforts in the collection and editing of the articles included in this volume.

I am sure contents of these articles will go a long way in better understanding of the spirit of the Khalsa and stimulate scholars to interpret it in modern perspective.

Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia

About The Author Of Book 'Creation of The Khalsa - Fulfillment of Guru Nanak's Mission'

Shiv Kumar Gupta is Head, Department of History, Punjabi University, Patiala(Punjab). He earned his Ph.D. from Panjab University. Chandigarh, and has put in 30 years in teaching. He is the author of Arya Samaj and the Raj (1991). edited 'Jallianwala Bagh and the Raj', completed a project on 'Fauja Singh's Contribution to the History of the Punjab' (1998). He has published about three dozen research papers in learned research journals and has made his presentations in various conferences and seminars. He has guided more than a score of research scholars for their M. Phil, and Ph.D. degrees.


Table Of Contents Of The Book 'Creation of The Khalsa - Fulfillment of Guru Nanak's Mission' By Shiv Kumar Gupta



Page No

  Foreword   (v)
  Introduction   (vii)
1. Foundation Of The Khalsa Commonwealth:    
  Ideological Aspects Fauja Singh 1
2. The Order Of The Khalsa: Significance In    
  World History And Civilization Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia 18
3. The Khalsa-An Interpretation S.K. Bajaj 30
4. Creation Of The Khalsa: Fulfillment Of Guru   41
  Nanak's Mission Shiv Kumar Gupta  
5. Creation Of The Khalsa: The Legacy Gurbachan Singh Nayyar 64
6. Khalsa Panth: Ideal Social Order Of  The    74
  Guru's Vision Dharam Singh  
7. Creation Of The Khalsa: Uniformity Of The   91
  Sikh Society Sukhdial Singh  
8. Institution Of The Khalsa: A Philosophical   113
  Perspective G.S. Sandhu  
9. Guru Gobind Singh's Relations With    120
  Aurangzeb Harpreet Kaur  
10. Guru Gobind Singh: The Last Phase Kirpal Singh 140
11. Humanism Of Guru Gobind Singh Sudarshan Singh 146
12. Guru Gobind Singh In Indian Art R.P. Srivastava 151
13. Some Light On Sikh Tenets Jaspal Kaur 162
14. The Concept Of Suffering And Liberation In G.S. Sandhu &   
  Sikhism - A Philosophical Perspective Parminder Kaur 179
15. Transformation Through Sikhism Bhagat Singh 185
16. Social Harmony In Sikhism Gurcharan Singh 212
17. Sikhs And The Nature Parkash Singh Jammu 226
18. Initial Sikh Coinage Surinder Singh 237
19. Sikhs Overseas And The British Navtej Singh 262
20. Chief Khalsa Diwan In Historical Perspective:    
  A Critique Shyamala Bhatia 269
21. Achievements Of The Sikh Education    
  Conference Amrit Walia 292
22. Gandhi, Sikhs And Non-Violence Mohinder Singh 302
23. Role Of Babbar Akalis In Freedom Struggle Gurcharan Singh Aulakh 310
24. The Role Of The Sikhs In The National Jagjiwan Mohan Walia  
  Freedom Struggle   318
25. Women And Development In Punjab Malkit Kaur 349
26. A Brief Survey Of Sikh Theological Studies Anand Spencer 366


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Creation of The Khalsa - Fulfillment of Guru Nanak's Mission - Book By Shiv Kumar Gupta

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