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The Sword Of The Khalsa - Book By Arjan Dass Malik

From The Frontcover Of 'The Sword Of The Khalsa' By Arjan Dass Malik 

The present study seeks to show that ever since its inception in 1699, the Khalsa movement possessed some of the major characteristics of a popular resistance movement, and that it further acquired all the characteristics of guerilla warfare in the post-Banda Bahadur period, 1716-1768. It makes a small effort towards formulation of an Indian theory of peoples war, and provides the Indian students of guerilla warfare with a historical example of their own.

Further it strives to show that the objective of Raj Khalsa which Guru Gobind Singh had placed before his Sikhs was fairly borad and capable of flexible interpretation. No doubt it was religious zeal which initially provided the accent and uncompromising style to Sikh struggle, the class nature of the Khalsa movement became fairly articulate when it progressively embraced socio-economic goals under Banda Bahadur. In mid-eighteenth century, when the Sikhs were unceasingly fighting for the twin objective of evicting the Mughals from the Panjab and preventing Afghan domination over it, their struggle acquired the nature and content of a popular Panjabi resistance movement which enjoyed active support of both the Hindus and the Muslims.  


About The Author Of The Book 'The Sword Of The Khalsa'

Arjan Dass Malik (b. 1938) did his M.A. in Political Science from Delhi University in 1961 and joined the State Civil Service in the same year. During 1973- 74 he was a British Council Scholar at the University of Edinburgh where he studied for a one year course in Community Development. He retired from IAS in March 1997 and since then he is working as a Member of the Haryana State Consumer Commission.

Mr. Malik is a scholar-administrator and an author of repute. His areas of interest are general administration, rural development, military science, spiritual science and educational reforms.

The present book, when first published, earned for the author a prestigious award from Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, Chandigarh. It was also well received both by the general public as well as the Defence Services, and was widely acclaimed by the press. His second book Alexander the Great was approved as a 'recommended reading' for Part B examination (1976- 77) of the Indian Army. His third book Kundalini and Meditation has been well received by the students of spiritual science and has undergone two printings.

Mr. Malik is married and lives at Panchkula with his wife and has two children. 

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The Sword Of The Khalsa - Book By Arjan Dass Malik

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