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The Golden Temple Past & Present - Book By Dr. Madanjit Kaur

From The Back Cover Of 'The Golden Temple Past & Present' By Dr. Madanjit Kaur

The Golden Temple: Past and Present is a scientific treatise presenting comprehensive history of the Iiving story of Sri Harimandir Sahib, the central shrine and headquarter of the Sikh community.

The revised and enlarged third edition of the book provides essential information regarding Sikh scriptures, Sikh doctrines and practices and role of the Gurdwaras to facilitate the readers to form a clear perception of the background of the foundation and development, status and role of Sri Harimandir Sahib in historical perspective. The author has applied holistic approach, inter-disciplinary research methodology and rational analysis in writing the manuscript of the book.

The volume has a wider scope on the subject matter related to the multifarious features of the practices, management, aesthetics, art and architecture, daily routine and current issues of the Golden Temple complex and its ancillary shrines.

The book aims to serve the scholars, the tourists and the pilgrims alike although their needs are usually different. 

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The Golden Temple Past & Present - Book By Dr. Madanjit Kaur

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