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Guru Nanak Japji - A Rendering In English Verse - Book By Jaswinder Singh Chadha

Summary of 'Guru Nanak Japji , A Rendering In English Verse' By Jaswinder Singh Chadha 

At once a prayer and proclamation of the Divine Reality, Japji encapsulates the essential unity of the spiritual experience and the purpose of hu­man existence on earth. As the bedrock of the Sikh doctrine, the spiritual message of the Japji inspires hope and moral assurance for all man­kind by virtue of its of its emphasis on the essen­tial reality that calls for individual and social ac­tivism as integral to God's purpose and will or HUKAM. An understanding of the universe thus becomes the launching platform for - the soul's ascent to the Abode of Truth, or Such-khand. He Once its daily recitation as well as reflection provide the ladder - pauri - for the ascent - from moral discipline to the bliss of God­conciousness. Japji' s challenge to the new gen­eration simply urges: Do you in truth seek happi­ness? Then give up ego and accept the divine Will; that way have countless creatures been re­deemed for life is God's loving gift.

Jaswinder Singh Chadha' s labour of love sets out to bring together the Japji's text in Gurmu­khi, Devnagri and Roman scripts alongside straight forward English rendering in verses of utter simplicity. This should doubtless help devotees in Britain and elsewhere to grasp the underlining message that is replete with axio­matic truths wrapped in metaphors of great pro­fundity. The creation of earth and its place in the cosmos, seasonal changes, the day and night cy­cle, nature's bounties and man's duty, the power of the mind visa-a-vis instinctual urges all be­come meaningful and easily intelligible. The simplicity of diction bears a stamp of devotion and sincerity, and the design sets the mood, even as the translation gamely tries to convey the mystery and magic of the holy text.


Table Of Contents For 'Guru Nanak Japji , A Rendering In English Verse' By Jaswinder Singh Chadha


Foreword i

Comments & Opinions iii

Preface vii

Japji Sahib 2

Guru Nanak Dev 124

(A Life Sketch)


About The Author of ' Guru Nanak Japji , A Rendering In English Verse'

Jaswinder Singh Chadha was educated at St. Stephen's Colege, Delhi in India and was a research scien­tist with Unilever at Welwyn, Herts in England. At present, he runs his own business in London.

He has been writing poetry since his college days but has more recently turned to the teachings of the Sikh religion for inspiration.

Mr. Chadha writes poetry in English for the young Sikhs living in the West and others inter­ested in Sikhism.

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Guru Nanak Japji - A Rendering In English Verse - Book By Jaswinder Singh Chadha

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