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Sri Guru Nanak dev's Japji - Book By Dr G.S. Chauhan

Summary of 'Sri Guru Nanak dev's Japji' By Dr G.S. Chauhan 

"An invaluable guide for those seeking the real message of Sikhism enshrined in Guru Nanak's morning prayer; Japuji."

"Despite the turbulence faced by sixteenth century Hindustan, Sikhism took root because its appeal was based on rational and humane principles. Which is what people were desperately looking for at that time. As the teachings of Sikhism's founding Gurus aimed at strengthening the individual's moral fibre, people gravitated to the clarity, logic and hope offered by the new faith.

The writings of the Gurus, alongwith the collective wisdom of outstanding saints and savants of other faiths, were included in the Granth. Sahib, the sacred scriptures which have given Sikhs a sense of direction and inner strength ever since the Granth Sahib was elevated to the status of a Guru in 1708. A

There is an urgent need to revitalize Sikhism today especially as many Sikhs, living in faraway countries, remain ignorant of the basic ideals of their faith. To inform them of the logic, poetry and nobility of its tenets, Dr. Gurmeet Singh Chauhan has interpreted and explained the Japji, the morning - and opening - prayer in the Guru Granth Sahib. His undertaking required painstaking scholarship and dedication, both of which he has invested in generous measure in the compilation of this book. "

" ..... Dr. G. S. Chauhan's English translation carefully analyses the meanings of each word and at the same time shows the overall logic of the composition. It provides an accessible introduction to the great depths of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's inspired and practical spiritual guidance. Reading Dr. Chauhan's explanation can enhance one's appreciation of Japji Sahib as a portal to union with the Indescribable One. "


About The Author of 'Sri Guru Nanak dev's Japji' 

Born in 1933, Dr. G.S. Chauhan is an Electrical Engineer and had served Indian Railways for 34 years before retirement in 1991 as a General Manager. After retirement, he has fully devoted his time to the spiritual studies. Apart from classics like Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwad Puran, Upanishads, Adi Shankracharya's Vivekchudamani, Patanjali's Yog Sutras etc., he has obtained deep insight into the teachings of contemporary saints like Parmahansa Ramakrishna, Shri Vivekananda, Parmahansa Yogananda, Maharishi Ramana of Tiruvanamalai (Tamil Nadu), Swami Ram Das of Anandashram (Kanhagad, Kerala) and Swami Chinmayananda, etc.

Thus, the study of India's great 'Spiritual heritage had enabled him to see the teachings of Sikh Gurus in a unique perspective. According to him the teachings 'of Sri Guru Nanak Dev and his successors can not be confined to a community, country or time. These are of universal, ageless and timeless nature. Thus, they are most appropriate for the present tension ridden times.

The unique feature of Dr. Chauhan's interpretation of Gurbani is the thread of continuity he has established in both Japji and Sukhmani Sahib. According to him, both these priceless compositions form a complete course of instructions for evolving a layman into a fully self realized Jiwan Mukta,

Having travelled extensively, he well understands the spiritual needs of expatriate devotees as well those living in non Punjabi speaking states within India. The trilingual format is ideal for understanding the original Gurbani by the readers of varied backgrounds. His books are therefore ideal gift items for presentation to friends to introduce them to the spiritual philosophy of Sikh Gurus.

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Sri Guru Nanak dev's Japji - Book By Dr G.S. Chauhan

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