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Question Bank Of The Sikhs - Book By Baljit Singh & Inderjeet Singh

Introduction To 'Question Bank Of The Sikhs' By Baljit Singh And Inderjeet Singh

The present book has been prepared as an ongoing endeavour to awaken the Sikh masses the world over, especially the youth of their religion, culture and heritage. This book covers the entire history of the Sikh religion including its philosophy, ethics, culture etc.

Each topic of the book presents the greatness of the Sikh Gurus, martyrs, saints, warriors and men of letters. It also introduces basic concepts of the Sikh religion and philosophy. The questions relating to the Sikh Rehat (code of conduct) have been included with a view to highlight the unity and uniqueness of the Sikh community.


Foreword To 'Question Bank Of The Sikhs' By Baljit Singh And Inderjeet Singh

Sikh religion started with the advent of Guru Nanak who undertook long journeys (Udasis) to preach the message of God at far off places within India and abroad. This message was further carried and preached by the successor Gurus. The philosophy of Guru Nanak enlightened the minds of common masses and they successfully became able to deal with their religious, ethical as well as social problems.

The 21st century is under the constant pressure of economic and materialistic growth. Under this pressure the parents as well as the next generation do not find time to understand the philosophy of the great Sikh Gurus with the help of orthodoxical nature of old methodology. But it does not mean that they do not want to know about their religion, rather, they are very conscious for understanding it. However, they wish to have that knowledge in a concise and concrete manner.

The present book under the title "Question Bank of The Sikhs" is a collection of questions related to Sikh religion, history, philosophy, culture etc. To understand a tradition in the Question-Answer form is not new to the Sikh masses, rather, Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs, himself used this method to make his message understandable by the laity as well as the scholars. This method of preaching is still relevant and in today's life gaining momentum in other traditions also.

This book will help the present as well as the next generation to know more about Sikhism. Another distinctive feature of this book is that when a reader chooses a correct answer he may see the description in the end of the chapter. Appropriate photographs with the description of the answers add colour into the interest of the readers.

I hope this book will fulfill the need of the students and the common man and will further arouse their interest in the Sikh Studies.


Table Of Contents For 'Question Bank Of The Sikhs' By Baljit Singh and Inderjeet Singh


Foreword 5
Guru Nanak Dev 6
Guru Angad Dev 12
Guru Amar Das 16
Guru Ram Das 22
Guru Arjan Dev 26
Guru Hargobind 32
Guru Har Rai 38
Guru Har Krishan 42
Guru Tegh Bahadar 46
Guru Gobind Singh 52
Guru Granth Sahib 58
Bhagat Sahiban 68
Guruship Period (1469 -1708 AD) 74
Sikh Rule (18th - 19th century) 84
Sikh Reform Movement (19th - 20th century) 98
Contribution of Sikhs (In India's struggle for Independence) 108
Sikh Personalities (People, Events, Current Affairs) 114
Sikh Women 132
Gurdwaras 140
Sikh Rahit Maryada (The Code of Sikh Conduct and Conventions) 150
Sikh Concepts and Culture 158
Abbreviations 165
Bibliography 166
Guideline for phonetic transcription of Gurmukhi Script 167


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Question Bank Of The Sikhs - Book By Baljit Singh & Inderjeet Singh

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