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The Illustrated History of The Sikhs - Book By Khushwant Singh

Table of Contents of the Book 'The Illustrated History of The Sikhs' By Khushwant Singh

  A Note from the Author ix
  Illustrations x
  Part I: The Punjab and the Birth of Sikhism 1
1. The Sikh Homeland 3
2. The Birth of Sikhism 8
3. Building of the Sikh Church 21
4. The Call to Arms 28
5. From the Pacifist Sikh to the Militant Khalsa 34
  Part II: The Agrarian Uprising 45
6. The Rise and Fall of Banda Bahadur 47
7. Persecution of the Sikhs and the Reorganization of the Khalsa Army 54
8. Ahmed Shah Abdali and the Sikhs 59
9. From the Indus to the Ganges 74
  Part III: Punjab Monarchy and Imperialism 83
10. Rise of the Sukerchakia Misl 85
11. Maharajah of the Punjab 90
12. Suzerain of Malwa 98
13. British Annexation of Malwa: Treaty of Lahore, 1809 102
14. Consolidation of the Punjab 109
15. Fall of the Sikh Kingdom 115
  Part IV: Consolidation of British Power in the Punjab 117
16. Annexation of the Punjab 119
17. Crescat e Fluviis 124
  Part V: Social and Religious Reforms 127
18. Religious Movements 129
19. Singh Sabha and Social Reform 134
  Part VI: Political Movements Marxist, National, and Sectarian 139
20. Rural Indebtness and Peasant Agitation 141
21. World War I and its Aftermath 145
22. Xenophobic Marxism 149
23. Gurdwara Reform: Rise of the Akali Immortals 159
24. Constitutional Reforms and the Sikhs 169
  Part VII: Politics of Partition Independence and the Demand for a Sikh Homeland 177
25. Sikhs and World War II (1939-1945) 179
26. Prelude to the Partition of India 186
27. Civil Strife, Exodus, and Resettlement 190
28. A State of their Own 201
29. Prosperity and Religious Fundamentalism 213
30. The Anandpur Sahib Resolution and Other Akali Demands 224
31. Fatal Miscalculation 231
32. Assassination and After 241
33. Elections and the Accord 245
34. Foreign Connections and Khalistan 255
35. Politics and Beyond 257
  Photo Gallery  
  Credits for Photographs and Illustrations  
  About the Author  

A Note From the Author

I was quite thrilled when Oxford University Press approached me for this illustrated edition, which recreates the story told in A History of the Sikhs through pictures. I also thought it was a good time to do so. The community has arrived back on the national arena and is doing well in every field - be it politics, economy, sports or culture.

When they were first published in 1978, I never imagined that almost thirty years thereon, my two volume A history of the Sikhs would still be in such demand. A few years ago, I was approached by OUP to update the original edition, which I did, first to 1989 and then again to 2004. It has been a source of immense personal satisfaction for me that the books have stood the test of time well, and have also been referred to constantly as 'a definitive history of the community'. The illustrated edition which showcases the achievements and brings alive the history of the community will appeal to a much wider audience.

I would like to thank all those who have supported and contributed to this effort.

New Delhi  

Introduction to the Book 'The Illustrated History of the Sikhs' By Khushwant Singh

This illustrated chronicle of the Sikhs, writte

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The Illustrated History of The Sikhs - Book By Khushwant Singh

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