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Percussions Of History - The Sikh Resolution & In The Caravan - Book By Jagjit Singh

Preface To 'Percussions Of History - The Sikh Resolution & In The Caravan' By Jagjit Singh

Rare are those books that have the power to inspire, illuminate, and provide a conscientious presentation of religion. Much rarer are these books when the topic is Sikhi. However, this is in fact what Jagjit Singh accomplishes in his The Sikh Revolution.

Upon completing my undergraduate career, I had come to Panjab on a mission to learn about my roots, heritage, community, and about myself. I read books, took classes, met people, and had various experiences exploring my faith. From this seemingly disjointed influx of information I was seeking a holistic paradigm to understand my faith. It was at this point that I was introduced to the works of Jagjit Singh.

Often books on Sikhi are little more than regurgitation of the Sikh tradition. Western academia enters into the debate by challenging notions of that tradition, but often without providing a viable alternative. It was in this seting of increasing challenge from western academics that Jagjit Singh set forth to expound what he terms the "Sikh thesis." It is only through understanding Gurbani and how it was magnifested through the life and times of the Gurus and the post-Guru period that we can understand the message that was the mission of Guru Nanak.

To understand the significance of the Sikh Revolution one must understand the land, the history, and people from which it was born. Singh delves into the history of early modern South Asia, paying particular attention to the caste institution. He describes the liberation movements that preceded the Revolution of Nanak, attempting to understand the reasons of their successes as well as ultimate failures. Finally, in his context he brings to light the uniqueness of the Sikh Revolution and its extraordinary achievements. What makes this book novel and unique is that Singh presents an interpretation of Sikh history and its mission.

In The Sikh Revolution, Jagjit Singh hoped people could appreciate its and achievements and realize its rightful place on the stage of great revolutions. However, it would be left to his later In The Caravan of Revolutions, where he would fully expound and compare the Sikh Revolution to the other great revolutions-both religious and secular. It is with great delight that both these important works are being re-released by the Nanakshahi Trust.

In this new edition I wanted to make sure that Jagjit Singh's message could be more easily understood. Where syntax was confusing, I attempted to simplify; where language was outdated, I attempted to update; where repition proved cumbersome I attempted to make compact without losing or diluting the author's message. While I never had the fortune the meet the later Sardar Jagjit Singh, I hope that in this edition he would find his message easier to understand.

Sometimes words cannot convey true gratitude, but I will try nonetheless. I would first like to thank the Nanakshahi Trust for being supportive and taking on the important task of publishing those Sikh works that have the power to inspire. A  special made has to be made for Davinder Pal Singh for tirelessly working on this project, despite all the difficulties I gave him. Gratitude goes out to Rajdeep Bains for attention to detail during the copyediting proccess. Next I want to extend my appreciation towards the family of late Jagjit Singh, especially his daughter Sukhvinder Kaur and granddaughter Sameera Kaur, who gave their full cooperation and help in re-releasing this masterpiece.Sardar Gurtej Singh was instrumental in approaching Jagjit Singh's family and in opening the forward. Ravpreet Singh of Vismad Designs deserves note for his beautiful cover work.

For all their financial support and encouragement they have shown me through the years, I especially want to thank the Sikh Association of Fresno. I am a product of the love they have always showered upon me and without their help this work would not have been possible. A special thanks goes out  to the Matharu family. The process of editing was long and tedious, made harder by the number of times I had computer troubles. I want to thank all those who encouraged me along the way and especially those who let me borrow their computers. A special thanks to my mom and dad, my brother (Amandeep), Harinder, Sharmeen,Mort, Simren, and the entire Jakara family. Words cannot express my thanks for their support and encouragement during the long road. Any mistakes in this book are my own and in no way are a reflection of those listed here.

While for many, trips to Panjab often present many contradictions that lead to confusion and ambiguity, it was because of my trip to Panjab and my introduction to Jagjit Singh's works that I was able to develop such a clear picture of the achievements and the mission of the great Gurus. I hope that a younger generation reading this book will inspired, get clarity, and further continue the struggle on that very mission.


Table Of Contents For 'Percussions of History' By Jagjit Singh


i                                             Foreward by Gurtej Singh

v                                            Preface by Naindeep Singh


The Sikh Revolution

3   Preface
6 One Introductory
10 Two The Caste and Class
19 Three The Directive Force
29 Four The Caste Ideology, Its Ideologues and the Institution
46 Five The Fate of Liberal Trends
57 Six The Caste Society, Islam and Muslim Rule
67 Seven The Radical Bhakti Ideology-Its Social Significance
73 Eight The Impact of Medieval Bhakti Movement
80 Nine The Sikh Ideology
95 Ten The Sikh Panth
106 Eleven Egalititarian Society
124 Twelve Armed Struggle - Its Egalititarian Basis
133 Thirteen Armed Struggle - Its Development 
156 Fourteen The Khalsa
172 Fifteen The Spirit
180 Sixteen  Achievements
191 Seventeen The Rajputs, The Marathas and The Khalsa
200 Eighteen The Plebeian Revolution
221 Nineteen Characterization
232 Appendix A Misinterpretations
250 Appendix B Sikh Tradition as a Source of Historical Testimony
259 Appendix C Some Aspects of the Ideology of the Radical Bhaktas
264 Appendix D Some Aspects of the Sikh Ideology


In The Caravan of Revolutions

283   Preface
284   Introductory
287 One Revolution and Revolt
298 Two Revolutionary Motivation And Religious Approach
306 Three The Sikh Revolution
328 Four Comparison
350 Five Religious Basis
364 Six In The Caravan Of Revolutions


  Select Bibliography




Author Jagjit Singh
Pages 380
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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Percussions Of History - The Sikh Resolution & In The Caravan - Book By Jagjit Singh

  • Brand: Singh Brothers
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  • Authors: Jagjit Singh
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardbound
  • Language: English
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