Sardar Sundar Singh Majithia - Life, Work & Mission - Book By Gurdev Singh Deol

Foreword To The Book 'Sardar Sundar Singh Majithia - Life, Work & Mission' By Gurdev Singh Deol

The Sikh History Research Department of our College has planned to highlight the contribution of the pioneers of Khalsa College, Amritsar who then were also founders of Chief Khalsa Dewan, a socio-religious organisation of the Sikhs, to the uplift of community and the progress of country.

S. Sundar Singh Majithia (1872-1941) had been the founding- father of both Chief Khalsa Dewan and Khalsa College, Amritsar. We are celebrating the centenary of Khalsa College which was founded on March 5, 1892. The publication of this book "Sardar Sundar Singh Majithia: Life, Work And Mission" by the college is a humble tribute to the Sardar by this institution, which starting from a school - developed into a premier education centre of the state around which a galaxy of colleges and schools spreading up leading gradually to the social regenera­tion, economic development and cultural enrichment of the Sikh community, which had suffered a staggering blow after the annexation of Punjab by the British in 1849.

The post-independence generations will understand the role of these pioneers quite objectively, if they keep in mind that India's struggle for independence, on the basis of country as a whole, started in the form of submission of petitions for favours to the British Raj, which claimed itself to have been legally established in India. Till 1928, dominion status within the empire had been the condi­tional demand of Indian National Congress even. The regional parties shared the same political ambition. If the apprehension of religious minorities about their cultural identity had been appreciated in its right context not only the partition of country could have been avoided off, but most of the movements, which are alleged to hold a threat to the integrity of lndia, would not have been persisting. The struggle for independence requires a reappraisal accordingly so that real aspirations of people as a whole get due attention.

Sardar Sundar Singh Majithia was the first Sikh/ Indian President of the Khalsa College Governing Coun­cil who made historic contribution towards the founding and development of the college. He successfully steered the ship of the institution for half a century. In this book Dr. Gurdev Singh Deol has highlighted the many-faceted personality, multifarious role and myriad achievements of Sardar Sundar Singh Majithia. It will be the first authentic work on the Sardar for which Dr. Deol deserves my compliments.

                                                                                                  H. S. Soch


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Sardar Sundar Singh Majithia - Life, Work & Mission - Book By Gurdev Singh Deol

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