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Remnants Of The Sikh Empire - Book By Bobby Singh Bansal - ISBN 9789384544898

Summary Of The Book 'Remnants Of The Sikh Empire' By Bobby Singh Bansal

Remnants of the Sikh Empire attempts to trace the shared heritage of three countries in the context of the Sikh empire This is a unique guide to the many important Sikh monuments located both in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This book catalogues numerous structures historically associated with the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh during the early nineteenth century. From Mughal to Sikh edifices, Remnants of the Sikh Empire shines a spotlight on undiscovered residences including forts, haveli’s, memorials, mansions and palaces across these countries that have never been published before. In order to complete this volume, the author travelled extensively across remote regions along the Afghan-Pakistan border with the assistance of the Pakistan Army in order to compile rare footage that document these habitats. Some of the structures include strategic forts built in the tribal areas of Pakistan by the legendary Sikh hero Hari Singh Nalwa, the existence of which are completely unknown to the general public. Not only does this volume narrate the aesthetic and strategic history behind these residences but it also sheds light on the rich cultural traditions associated with the powerful nobles and courtiers of the Lahore Durbar who reshaped the architectural landscape of Punjab and Kashmir in the nineteenth century. Remnants of the Sikh Empire catapults the reader into an unforgettable journey, retracing the rich heritage of the Punjab in these countries where numerous iconic monuments still stand testament to the power and influence of the Sikh empire.


About The Author 'Bobby Singh Deol' Of The Book 'Remnants Of The Sikh Empire' 

Bobby Singh Bansal is an award winning writer, historian and documentary filmmaker. He is the author of ‘The Lion’s Firanghis – Europeans at the Court of Lahore, which charts the careers and lives of European mercenaries who served at the mighty Lahore Durbar in the early nineteenth century. His documentary films include The Sikhs of Kabul– A Forgotten Community, which won an award at the Guanajuato Film Festival, Mumbai, 2013. This was followed by The Road to Mandalay–The Burmese Sikhs in 2014. His next film The Legacy of the Sikh Empire, will release in late 2015

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Remnants Of The Sikh Empire - Book By Bobby Singh Bansal - ISBN 9789384544898

  • Brand: Hay House
  • Product Code: SHE303
  • Authors: Bobby Singh Bansal
  • Year: 2015
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardbound
  • Language: English
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs.699.00

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