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Mahabharata - Book By Igen. B.

From The Backcover Of 'Mahabharata' By Igen. B.

This popular sacred historic epic, the expanded exampli­fication of the immortal Vedic values, is the creation of the power attained through penance and celibacy by Sage Vyas'a, the son of Satyavati.

Mahabharata is the greatest epic of the world, the biggest parade of historic sagas of our land. It reflects the social, cultural and philosophical picture of ancient India. The scholars call it 'The Fifth Veda.' Every saga of this epic presents dramatically the way the evil apparantly has upper hand but the good triumphs eventually. Thus, the soul message of Mahabharata is 'Where there is righteousness there is victory.'

The stories of Mahabharata reveal how during that ancient age our India was in the forefront of the scientific knowledge. There is nothing that Vyasa's notice has escaped. Today's science is merely follow up of the developments of that age. It is no exaggeration. This epic is living proof this fact. 

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Mahabharata - Book By Igen. B.

  • Brand: Manoj Publishers
  • Product Code: HRM125
  • Authors: Igen. B. (Translator)
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs.80.00
  • Rs.72.00

  • You Save: Rs.8.00 or 10.00%

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