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Last Rites In Sikhism - Book By Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor , Mohinder Kaur Kapoor

Last Rites In Sikhism - Book By Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor , Mohinder  Kaur Kapoor




Page No
  Introduction 7
1. The Sikh Tradition as Against the 9
  Hindu Tradition  
2. Sadd 20
3. Alahnian - Shabad 1 29
4. Alahnian - Shabad 2 37
5. Alahnian - Shabad 3 44
6. Alahnian - Shabad 4 54
7. Alahnian - Shabad 5 61
8. Var Raga Jaitsiri 68
9. Sohila 116
10. Anand 125
11. The Muslim Tradition 131
12. The Christian Tradition: Roman Catholics 135
13. Special Food for the Relatives 143
  Index 144


Introduction To Book 'Last Rites In Sikhism' By Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor , Mohinder Kaur Kapoor

I am very pleased to write the introduction to this book. The objective to write this manuscript was to unfold the myth of last rites in Sikhism.

Indian culture is about 5000 years old and religions which are born on this land have derived many traditions from this culture, so has Sikhism.

Though the Sikh traditions of last rites have developed mainly from the advice given by the Sikh Gurus as enshrined in their compositions preserved in Guru Granth Sahib, but some traditions have linkages with Indian culture rather than any religion.

Guru Granth Sahib is a book of revelations and messages and statements included in there have Divine support. Thus our traditions are spiritually oriented and based on the experiences of our Gurus.

I sincerely believe that the readers will accept my observations.

I thank all my readers and patrons for their support, and specially my secretary Poonam Kapoor for her inspiration in writting this book.

Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor


About The Authors Of Book 'Last Rites In Sikhism'

Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor is a graduate of London, Glassgow, Punjab and Agra Universities. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (U.K) and Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (U.K.) 

Dr. Kapoor is a grandson of Late Professor Kishen Singh, the first Sikh Principle of Khalsa College Amritsar, and son of late Sardar Kulwant Singh, the Principal Executive (Secretary) of Punjab & Sind Bank. His elder brother, Jasbir Singh, has retired as the Economic Adviser, Punjab Government; and his younger brother, Dr. Dalbir Singh, is the Chairman, Central Bank of India. His only sister, Mrs. Harbir Kaur, was a first class first during her both undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Dr. Kapoor is the first Vice Chancellor of World Sikh University London. A scholar, writer and journalist, he has published numerous articles in English journals. He is the author of numerous books on Sikh religion and Sikh history and books on Panjabi poetry. He is also the author of a book on Economic theory, a book on Business Administration and two books on Financial Accounting.

Dr. Kapoor is the Chief Editor of the Sikh Courier International published in London.


From The Backcover Of Book 'Last Rites In Sikhism' By Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor , Mohinder  Kaur Kapoor

Sikhism is the youngest religion in the world. Its founder Guru Nanak was born in 1469. Sikhs have ten Gurus. The last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh gave Sikhs their separate identity. It was the day of Vaisakhi when the ceremony of new baptism was performed at Takhat Kesgarh, Anandpur, a small town in Punjab, in the year 1699.

The Sikhism is one of the most dynamic world religions. In a House of Lords judgment, regarding the wearing of turban as a part of school uniform, Lord Templeton paid tributes to Sikhs and called them a separate Nation.

The basic teachings of Sikhism are :

1. Meditation - the communication with God.
2. Honest living - living a truthful life
3. Sharing one's belongings with others - wealth, knowledge, skills.
4.  Peaceful coexistence - respect for each others traditions and culture.
5. Religious tolerance - respecting each other's religion.
6. Equal rights - equality of status between men women.

The holy scripture of the Sikhs is called Guru Granth Sahib to whom Nobel Laureate Dr. Anne Besant called as one of the most sublime scripture in the world.

The holiest of the holy Sikh Shrine in Harmandir Sahib where Her Majesty the Queen paid a visit in 1997. Prime Ministers of many western countries and other world leaders have also visited the shrine and paid their respects therein.

Punjab, the homeland of Sikhs is the granary of the Indian subcontinent and Sikhs are the backbone of the Indian defence forces.

There are about 22 million Sikhs living all over the world. Outside India their largest population is in England. They occupy important positions in Universities, hospitals, business and civil service all over the globe. In Canada they are very active in politics and hold important political portfolios in the parliament.



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Last Rites In Sikhism - Book By Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor , Mohinder Kaur Kapoor

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