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Guru Nanak Chamatkar English (Volume II) - Book By Bhai Vir Singh

Summary of 'Guru Nanak Chamatkar (Volume II)' By Bhai Vir Singh 

No country can run unless administered by a president or a king. Similarly, the world cannot run unless administered by a president or a king. So, we have the Lord, a living Lord. We may call Him the King of kings or the President of the world comprising the seen as well as the unseen. It is His extreme Grace that He sent Guru Nanak to this world. See his benevolence and graciousness. He has made the path of religiousness so simple that anybody who loves the Lord is able to meet the Lord.

He said: The true path towards meeting the Lord is 'Recitation of the Lord's Name with love'. There cannot be a path simpler than this. Then, see his graciousness again. He came to this earth in human form to show this religious path to the people. He did not sit at home in luxury. He undertook preaching odysseys across the country and neighbouring countries.

This, he did to remove the sufferings of the people, the darkness of the world, to lift the people from lifelessness, superstitions, mistaken beliefs, useless rituals and to enthuse people with the love of the Lord. He made much sacrifice in undertaking the travels in those days when travelling was so hazardous. But he still travelled far and wide to uplift people and allay their sufferings. He gave the Lord's love spark to everyone, gave life to people living lifelessly and cemented the hearts of the people with the Lord.

For a long time, Hath yoga was considered as the spiritual path, and to tread c"' the spiritual path, one had to renounce the family and the house and go to the forests or the mountains for meditation. Even some kings renounced their kingdoms and went to the mountains for meditation.

Guru Nanak said: Religion has to be for everyone and everyone cannot renounce the family and the house. Moreover, he emphasized that detachment from the world has to be of the mind and it is not necessary that the body should renounce the world. Religiousness is 'Living in the remembrance of the Lord'.  

One may live with the family, in the house, keep earning and doing the necessary worldly chores with mind ever in the remembrance of the Lord. Remembrance is the key to happiness. When the mind is turned towards the love of the Lord, it is automatically detached from worldly desires.

He gave an example: When a girl gets married and starts loving her husband, she doesn't have to make any effort to detach herself from her parents. Love of the husband causes an automatic detachment from the parent's house. Similarly, when one starts loving the Lord, the mind is automatically detached from the worldly desires.

Again, he said: The aim of life is to meet the Lord who hasn' given us this life. The Lord is the living Supreme power, a living omnipresence, a living graciousness and an ocean of goodness. He is the Supreme soul. We are also a living soul. The soul has to meet the Soul. Our small soul has to meet the Universal soul. Our soul rusted with the entanglements and the sufferings of the world has to meet the Supreme soul.

'Love is the cement that can bind a soul with a Soul. It is only love that can make the human soul meet the Supreme soul'. Then, Guru Nanak told us the five spheres of the world:

1. Sphere of duty or deeds. 2. Sphere of sensation. 3. Sphere of endeavor. 4,. Sphere of Grace. 5. Sphere of Divine abode.

Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh has elucidated these spheres in story No. 61 - 'King Shivnabh' in this book. Here I will mention the Sphere of endeavour.

We are living in the Sphere of endeavour. The endeavour is 'Recitation of the Lord's Name with love and singing His praises'.

The Guru said: Recite the Lord's Name while sitting, standing, walking and sleeping as also sing the praises of the Lord.

It is Guru Nanak only who has told this practice that we have to do to be on the religious path. He has told us that good deeds alone are not sufficient to meet the Lord. By recitation, remembrance and love, the mind that is wandering fast in worldly desires turns inwardly and is transformed into intuitive and then sublime mind. That sublime mind gets a sensation of the presence of the Lord in the mind, heart and body. That sensation is meeting the Lord. It gives ecstasy. In the west, a philosopher named Bergson of France ranks high amongst the philosophers whose mind rose very high towards the unseen and whose eyes could see wondrousness i.e. the sixth sense despite being tied to the five senses of the body. This is the first time in the history of philosophy that a philosopher has considered science as well as intellect inadequate to peep in the unseen. 

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Guru Nanak Chamatkar English (Volume II) - Book By Bhai Vir Singh

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