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All About The Sikhs Faith, History And Heritage - Book By Baljit Singh & Inderjeet Singh

Foreword To 'All About The Sikhs Faith, History And Heritage' By Baljit Singh & Inderjeet Singh

The word 'Sikh' means a disciple, a learner, a seeker of truth. The Sikh faith is a simple way of living based on 'live and let live' ideology. Sikhism is a religion of action and human freedom. It is a religion original, distinct and revealed. It is the youngest religion of the world founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1469 AD.

Sikhism is a practical religion - a faith of hope and optimism. Its ideals from a large part of the more progressive elements in humanity today. It shows mankind how to lead a worthy and useful life in the world, which elevates it to the status of Universal World Faith.

The Sikh faith, unfortunately, is mostly misunderstood in the world as it has not been projected in the right prespective. It is high time that Sikhs must cease to think of their faith as just another good religion and must begin to think in the terms of Sikhism being the religion for this New Age...the religion preached by Guru Nanak Sahib is the faith of the New Age. The New Age is under the constant pressure of economic and materialistic growth, alongwith exploitation of the downtrodden...Under this pressure the parents as well as the next generation do not find time to understand the philosophy of the great Sikh Gurus based on old methodology. But it does not mean that they don't want to know about their religion, rather, they are very conscious for understanding it. However, they wish to have that knowledge in a concise and concrete manner.

The present book under the title "All About The Sikhs" is a collection of questions related to Sikh faith, history, philosophy, concepts, culture etc. To understand a tradition in the Question-Answer form is not new to the Sikh masses, rather, Guru Nanak Sahib, himself used this method to make his message understandable by the learned as well as the common masses. This method of preaching is still relevant and in today's life gaining momentum in other traditions also. This book will help the present as well as the next generation to know more about the Sikhism.

I hope this book will fulfill the need of the students and the common  man and will further arouse their interest in the Sikh Studies.


Table of Contents of 'All About The Sikhs Faith, History And Heritage By Baljit Singh & Inderjeet Singh



  Foreword 5
1. Guru Nanak Dev Ji 6
2. Guru Angad Dev Ji 13
3. Guru Amar Das Ji 17
4. Guru Ram Das Ji 23
5. Guru Arjan Dev Ji 27
6. Guru Hargobind Ji 32
7. Guru Har Rai Ji 37
8. Guru Harkrishan Ji 41
9. Guru Tegh Bahadar Ji 44
10. Guru Gobind Singh Ji 49
11. Guru Granth Sahib Ji 54
12. Bhagat Sahiban 62
13. Guruship Period (1469 - 1708) 66
14. Sikh Rule ( 18th - 19th century) 74
15. Sikh Reform Movement (19th - 20th century) 85
16. Contribution of Sikhs ( In India's struggle...) 94
17. Sikh Personalities (People, Events, Current Affairs) 100
18. Sikh Women 109
19. Gurdwaras 115
20. Sikh Rehat Maryada 124
21. Sikh Concepts and Culture 130
22. Teachings of Sikhism 137
23. Faith of the New Age 142
  Bibliography 144


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All About The Sikhs Faith, History And Heritage - Book By Baljit Singh & Inderjeet Singh

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