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The Legend of Banda Bahadur - Book By Harish Dhillon

From The Backcover Of 'The Legend of Banda Bahadur' By Harish  Dhillon

Banda Bahadur remains one of the most enigmatic and hence fascinating characters in Sikh history. On the one hand, there is a perception based on contemporary Muslim writers which makes him out to be a bloodthirsty savage. On the other hand is the perception based on grandmothers' tales which idolizes him as a saint. One is left wondering as to who the real Banda Bahadur was. This book seeks to bring him alive as a flesh and blood character.


About The Author 'Harish Dhillon' Of 'The Legend of Banda Bahadur'

The author, Harish Dhillon, is a teacher of English who writes whenever he can find time to do so or when the inclination gets so strong that he pushes everything else aside. He is basically a storyteller who has been writing short stories for years. Many of his short stories have been published in various magazines and journals and also translated into some Indian languages. He has two novels and a collection of short stories to his credit as well as a collection of essays on Indian Writers in English. In recent years he has been focusing on subjects connected with Punjab and his books The Lives and Teaching of the Sikh Gurus and Love Stories from Punjab are both doing well. The Legend of Banda Bahadur is again about with one of the greatest heroes of Punjabi folklore.

Dhillon's style is simple, often to the point of being childlike and naive. When pressed on this point, he confesses that he does not know how to write in any other way. But it serves his purpose well-which is to reach out to young readers who have lost touch with their roots and their great heritage. 

Author Harish Dhillon
Pages 302
Cover Paperback
Language English

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The Legend of Banda Bahadur - Book By Harish Dhillon

  • Brand: UBS
  • Product Code: ESE110
  • Authors: Harish Dhillon
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Rs.250.00
  • Rs.225.00

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