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Bhai Gurdas - The First Sikh Scholar - Book By S. J. S. Pall

Introduction to the Book 'Bhai Gurdas - The First Sikh Scholar' By S. J. S. Pall

While writing my book "The Living of a Gursikh", I had mentioned in the introduction about my desire to complete my book on Bhai Gurdas. In fact, that book was inspired by the Great Sikh scholar. However, due to certain compelling circumstances, I could not complete my book on Bhai Gurdas on an earlier occasion. My transfer from Amritsar to Delhi delayed it further, I prayed to the almighty to provide me with strength and ability as to fulfil the said task, and ultimately I have been able to write, whatever little I know about that genius, who was an epitome of Gursikhi.

Since very little has been written about Bhai Gurdas in English I chose this language with a view to reach more and more readers living in India and other countries, who do not know Punjabi and can only read English. However, I must admit that for the purpose f of translation of various verses of Bhai Gurdas, I had to derive from  translations of Bhai Gurdas's Vaaran as made by Dr. Jodh Singh and S. Gobind Singh Mansukhani. I personally feel, that the works of Bhai Gurdas should be translated in English, preferably in the verse form, so that the English reading people may have the benefit P1 of appreciating them and feel the pleasure to some extent of what they could derive from the originals. I also feel that no research, whatsoever, worth the name has been made so far on Bhai Gurdas except by a few persons like Bhai Veer Singh, who discovered a good number of his Kabbit-Sawiyyas. I am not a research scholar and as such I do not claim anything new which I have said about him and his verses in this book of mine. It is mainly based upon the knowledge and information as is available regarding him so far. I have only dealt with various aspects under which the scholar should take up the study of this Great writer. I have chosen question and answer form for the benefit of the readers as it will facilitate their option to study various points for consideration. It will give  immense pleasure in case, anybody inspired by this book will make further research or add to the knowledge on the subjects under reference. It will meet my purpose and will go a long way in spreading the message of the Masters.

Before I close the introduction of the book, I would like to express my gratitude for all those who helped me in writing this book and getting it published. I am grateful to Sh. Lalit Gupta and Sh. M. S. Rana for typing the manuscript time and again and taking great pains in making the final shape. I am also grateful to all the proof readers for the pains taken by them in making corrections, wherever necessary. I am grateful to S. Harbhajan Singh and all others associated with B. Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh, the publishes of the Book for the persuation made by them for the completion of this work. My thanks are also to Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh who helped me in translating certain passages of the works of Bhai Gurdas. Above all, I bow my head to the Great Sikh Gurus and the Almighty God for the strength and ability granted to me for completing the task. In fact, I have no appropriate words to express my feelings of divine gratitude.

I close with a humble request to prospective readers of this book to accept the same in the spirit in which it has been written. I do not profess command over language or subject. There may be many shortcomings, but I hope that I will be excused for the same. The suggestions for the improvement of the book are welcome. Looking forward to your views and valuable suggestions, I present this humble attempt with a very sincere motive of sharing the knowledge about the subject.

Surinderjit Singh Pall


About the Author 'S. J. S. Pall' of 'Bhai Gurdas - The First Sikh Scholar' 


S.J.S. Pall, IRS, presently posted as Secretary, ITSC, Ministry of Finance, (Deptt. Of Revenue) New Delhi, was born on 25-11-1945 at Delhi. He joined the Income Tax Deptt. as an Income Tax Officer (Class I) in 1970. Since then he has worked in different capacities in the Deptt. at Mumbai, Kolkatta, Jalandhar, Patiala, Amritsar and Delhi. 

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Bhai Gurdas - The First Sikh Scholar - Book By S. J. S. Pall

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