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Painter Of The Divine - Sobha Singh - Book By Madanjit Kaur

Table of Contents 'Painter Of The Divine - Sobha Singh' - Book By Madanjit Kaur

Acknowledgements Foreword  
Do Shabad  
Introduction 1
Coloured Illustrations  1-8
Personality, Motivation and Achievement of Sardar Sobha Singh  3
Madanjit Kaur  
Sobha Singh – Balwant Gargi 13
Sobha Singh Artist – Shamsher Singh 25
Sardar Sobha Singh : An Artist in Kangra Valley – K. L. Vaidya 33
A Dreamer of the Divine – S. S. Bhatti 38
Sobha Singh : Artist of Unity – M, S. Randhawa  44
Creating Myth out of Reality – Uma Vasudev 51
Grow More Good – Dr. B.L. Kapoor 55
First Exhibition of Sardar Sobha Singh's Art (1976) – Shanta Serbjeet Singh 57
Sobha Singh A Saint-Artist – Aditya Prakash 59
Sage Paints the Way : An Interview with Sobha Singh (1972 – Julian Cole 63
My Guru and Teacher – Ravinder Kumar 'Artist' 66
Sobha Singh—A Tribute – Parmananda Sharma 67
On Art – Surjit Hans 69
The Spirit of Sobha Singh's Art – Balbir Singh Kanwal 72
The Concepts and Philosophy of Sobha Singh's Art – Tejinder Singh 74
Sobha Singh's Philosophy of Art – Dr. Kulwant Singh 77
Sardar Sobha Singh—Journey from Romance to Religion – Sushil Kumar Phul 83
Sobha Singh's Philosophy of Spiritual Awareness – Dr. Kulwant Singh 88
A Note on Sardar Sobha Singh – Mulk Raj Anand 94
Section II  
Sardar Sobha Singh – Jeewan And Kalan  
Sobha Singh Chitarkar – Amrita Pritam 95
S. Sobha Singh Chitarkar Da Kav-Chitar – Surjit Rampuri  96
Sheeshay De Tukrrey – Amrita Pritam 98
Sobha Singh Artist – Nanak Singh 105
Mere Guru-Mere Dost – Pandit Mangat Ram 111
Ik Sohna Insaan – Gurbaksh Singh Preetlarhi 114
Sobha Singh Ji – Dr. Jaswant Gill 116
Andretey Di Sobha-S. Sobha Singh Artist – Harbhajan Singh Bajwa 121
Daar Ji-Ik Boh-Pakhi Shakhsiyat – Harbeer Singh Bhanwar 124
Sardar Sobha Singh Di Jeewani Vichon Delhi – Dr. Jaswant Gill 129
Chitarkar Sobha Singh Nal Khuliyan Gallan – Hirdayjit Singh Bhogal 137
Gall Ik Mobati Di – Amrita Pritam 147
Vihanvi Sadi Da Dhana Bhagat – Harcharan Singh 150
Ik Puran Insaan-Daar Ji – Hirdaypal Singh 152
Kallaa Murat-Sobha Singh – Giyani Lal Singh 158
Sohni Da Ashik-Sobha Singh – Prem Parkash 160
Ranga De Vanjarey Di Pairrh Di Mehak – Gurdayal Singh ‘Full’ 168
Sobha Singh Chitarkar –Pritam Singh 173
Hi ! Yaadan Itihaas Ban Gayian – Narinder Singh Soch 176
S. Sobha Singh Ji De Jeewan-Birtant Chon Jindagi – Dr. Kulwant Singh 185
Sobha Singh Di Kallaa Sadhna – Hirdayjit Singh Bhogal 190
Kalakar Manukh – Jaswant Singh Kanwal 197
Dholadhar Da Puttar-Sobha Singh – Prof. Pritam Singh 201
Sobha Singh-Yadaan Kalakar Diyan – Pyara Singh Daata 209
Chitarkar Sobha Singh – Kanwarjit Singh Kang 213
Section III  
Painter of Divine  
Illistration   1-36
Artist at Work  
Section IV  
Literacy Works of Sobha Singh  
Reminiscence 220
Dr. Victor Rambo 222
Kalakar 226
Sobha Singh De Kuj Vichar 230
Eh Ho Sakda Hai  231
Adhmoyian Murgabiyan 239
Nohra Nal Meri Pehli Atay Akhri Mulakat 242
Menu ApneyaGhateyan Te Maan Hai 249
Sukham Kalaa 251
Mein Atay Kalaa Waheguru Di 254
Section V  
Art of Sobha Singh  
Illustration Coloured    9-40
Black & White 37-44
Bio-Data of Sobha Singh Artist – Madanjit Kaur 259
List of Illustration – Editor  270


Foreword To The Book 'Painter Of The Divine - Sobha Singh' - Book By Madanjit Kaur

Sardar Sobha Singh dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of Art. Taking up painting in his early youth without the guidance of any master, the painter in Sobha Singh found inspiration and guidance from within. His inner urge found purposeful expression in   his drawings and colours. He did painting to convey ideas and mystic experience. S. Sobha Singh's range covers nature, landscape, love-legends, and portraits of prophets, saints and national heroes for which he is greatly respected. They show him at his best and convey his sensibility extremely well. They reveal a distinct style and mood. They are tender, expressive and intensely  humane.   That is why his paintings of the Sikh Gurus are highly valued and cherished as a great treasure.   Besides, there are other paintings to his credit which mark him out as an artist of great skill and imagination.   It is in the fitness of things that the Universities of the Punjab should honour such an artist for   his   calibre   and   fame.     It gives  me intense pleasure to place this book before the reading public by way of tribute, though it falls short of doing full justice to his great talent and immortal contribution to the Punjab Art.

Guru Nanak Dev University                                                                                                    S. S. Bal
Amritsar.                                                                                                                   Vice-Chancellor

Preface To The Book 'Painter Of The Divine - Sobha Singh' - Book By Madanjit Kaur

Sobha Singh—the celebrated Sikh artist of our times—was beyond doubt the product of renaissance that the land of Punjab witnessed in the early part of this century. He struggled his way to glory as an artist despite the inhospitable milieu. The artist in Sobha Singh was itching to come out; when he found time to study books on European painting. But the real opportunity came later when he had to paint for making a living. The inspiration for crea­tive painting came to him when he watched the Sikh Satyagrahis of Guru-Ka-Bagh Morcha with untainted religious fervour and deter­mination, marching only to receive worst beating at. the hands of British police officials.

In fact, the dedication of those involved in the Gurudwara Reform Movement made Sobha Singh look to the source of their inspiration. Thus the Sikh Gurus became the principal theme of his paintings. The Sikh painting is chiefly known as an art of portraiture and Sobha Singh stands out as modern representative of this art. He tried to delve deep into the teachings of the Sikh Gurus in an attempt to catch the real image of the Gurus. The various paintings of the Gurus done by Sobha Singh tend to reflect how he yearned to have a vision of the Gurus so that he could reproduce it on the canvas. His concern for the divine did not take him away from the beauty that inspires the artist. He also painted the famous love legends of Punjab. Sohni-Mahival brought him recognition and money. "Sassi in search of Punnu in the desert" is another painting for which Sobha Singh became famous. Sobha Singh had known a Punjabi lass in the village and the city. He admired her beauty, strength, doggedness and of course modesty. He was one of those few painters who could catch the real beauty of the Punjabi woman at home and as beloved.

Sobha Singh will live for ever prominently as the painter of the Sikh divine. Through his paintings he tried to create such an imagery of the Sikh Gurus that could really project the teachings and lives of the Gurus That he could paint Guru Nanak in ecstasy and Guru Gobind Singh on the horse back in full attire of a warrior with equal excellence is indicative of the accomplishment of his imaginative genius. This has indeed to be admired as perfection of an artist and a feat of worldly being.

Sobha Singh beyond: doubt was a front rank artist who has attained a unique place among the glaxy of the outstanding artists of modern India. Although he painted Rama, Krishna and Christ also; but as a popular image maker of the Sikh Gurus, he will be revered by the future generation of the Sikhs. Honours did come Sobha Singh's way during his life time. He was the recipient of President of India's Padma Sri Award. In fact, many an institution vied with each other to associate their name with the great artist but it fell to the Guru Nanak Dev University to undertake compilation of a volume on his life and work. By presenting this volume to the lovers of art, the University is redeeming a pledge taken at the time of his death.

I am glad that the Guru Nanak Studies Department of this Univer­sity has executed the job well.

Guru Nanak Dev University                                                                            Prithipal Singh Kapur
Amritsar.                                                                                                         Pro Vice-Chancellor

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Painter Of The Divine - Sobha Singh - Book By Madanjit Kaur

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