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Martyrdom In The Sikh Tradition - Playing The Game Of Love - Book By Louis E. Fenech

Introduction To 'Martyrdom In The Sikh Tradition, Playing The Game Of Love' By Louis E. Fenech

The notion of Martyrdom and the role of Martyrs in religious and political history constitutes a major component in discourse among Sikh throughout the world. This book examines how and Why Sikhs began to represent their history as a history of persecutions and Martyrdoms and how these understandings continue to play such a vital role in the Sikh community today. It explores the different approaches to the Martyrdom of Guru Arjan, Guru Teg Bahadur, and other prominent Sikhs. Through an analysis of Sikh scriptures and eighteenth and nineteenth century Sikh literature it demonstrates how the Singh Sabha 'reform' movement and the heroism of the Akalis in the 1920s shaped historical facts and interpretations.

Fenech's interdisciplinary study is invaluable for all those interested in nineteenth century Indian religious history and in the history of the Sikh people as well as for scholars of history, sociology, religion, anthropology, politics, and culture.


About The Author Of 'Martyrdom In The Sikh Tradition , Playing The Game Of Love'

Louis E. Fenech is Associate Professor of South Asian History, University of Northern Lowa.

Table Of Contents For 'Martyrdom in The Sikh Tradition Playing The Game of Love' Book By Louis E Fenech



Page No
  Illustration ix
  Preface xi
  Note on Orthography xvii
  Abbreviations xviii
1 Introduction 1
  Sahid and sahidi . The Term Sahid in Early Sikh History . Rhetorical Strategy and the Singh Sabha Project  
2 The Tradition and itts Transmission 33
  Tradition . Transmission . The Singh Sabha and Martyrdom . Conclusion  
3 Theology and Personnel 63
  The Martyrological Interpretation of Guru Nanak's History and Theology . Martyrdom and the Sikhs of the Eighteenth Century   
4 Martyrdom in the Early Sikh Tradition 116
  Sources for the Execution of Guru Arjan and the Testimony of the Adi Granth . The Gur-bilas Literature The Life and Death of Banda Bahadur . British Accounts of Sikh Sacrifice and Martyrdom . Dhadhis, Chroniclers and Gurduare  
5 The Shahid's Roles in the Mystical Universe 145
  Sahid-parasti (Martyrolatry)  
6 The Game Of Love: The Singh Sabha and the Rhetoric of Martyrdom 178
  The Tat Khalsa . Vir Singh, Ratan Singh Bhangu, and the Transformation of Sahidi . Ditt Singh and the Rhetoric of Matyrdom . Newspapers, Tracts and other Publications  
7 Playing the Game: The movement for Gurdwara Reform 226
  The rules of the Game . The Tat Khalsa, Chief Khalsa Diwan and Gurdwara Reform . The Begining: Gurdwara Rakabang 1913-19 . Blood and Gurdwaras Martyrdom and the Nationalist Compaign . Puratan Jhakian, Scenes From the Khalsa's Past . The Term Akali . Gurdware Morche as Spectacle  
8 Post-1925: Conclusions 288
9 Index 301


Author Louis E Fenech
Pages 306
Cover Paperback
Language English

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Martyrdom In The Sikh Tradition - Playing The Game Of Love - Book By Louis E. Fenech

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