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History, Literature And Identity Four Centuries Of Sikh Tradition - Book By Jaswant Singh Grewal

Summary Of 'History, Literature And Identity Four Centuries Of Sikh Tradition' By Jaswant Singh Grewal

This volume analyses the core Sikh texts from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century to present a comprehensive account of Sikh history and tradition. Underscoring the essential continuity of theology and worldview, it examines compositions by the Gums and Sikh theologians and historians to reflect upon the changing socio-political context under the Mughal, Sikh, and colonial rule in Punjab.

Histors, Literature, and identity discusses issues like conscious conceptualization of a new dispensation, processes of community formation, social transformation and politicization leading to the emergence of a new political order. It brings out the cumulative implications of these processes on the evolution of Sikh identity, Interpretation of the Sikh past arising from J.S. Grewal's lifelong engagement with history and historiography is also built into this study.

Written by one of the foremost scholars of Sikh history, the book highlights the intricate connections between literature and historical processes. Lucidly written and illustrated with rare paintings and photographs, it will be indispensable for scholars of Sikh and Punjab studies. Those concerned with medieval India, religion, and literature will also find this work useful.


About The Author Of '​History, Literature And Identity Four Centuries Of Sikh Tradition' 

J.S. Grewal, a former Professor and Vice Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, and Director and later Chairman, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, has written extensively on historiography, medieval India, and the Punjab and Sikh history. His books by the Oxford University Press are Muslim Rule in India: The Assessments British Historians (1970), The State and Society in Medieval India and 2005), Religious Movements and Institutions in Medieval India (ed. 2006), and The Sikhs: Ideology, Institutions, and Identity (2009).

Author Jaswant Singh Grewal
Pages 332
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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History, Literature And Identity Four Centuries Of Sikh Tradition - Book By Jaswant Singh Grewal

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