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Five Arrows of Banda Singh Bahadur - Book By Mohinder Paul Singh

Foreword To The Book ‘Five Arrows of Banda Singh Bahadur’ - Book By Mohinder Paul Singh

Iconsider it my proud priviledge to write a few words on the historic novelette "Five Arrows of Banda Singh Bahadur " penned by Dr. Mohinder Paul Singh. I have known Dr. Singh for last 30 years or more, first as a journalist, then as a professor and a preacher of divinity and later as an exponent of the history of Punjab. Earlier too, Dr. Singh wrote an historical novel "Koh- i-Noor" which beautifully depicts the entire travelogue of this priceless gem as well as the glory of Sikh Empire. His present work highlights the examplary struggle carried on by the disciples of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Baptised and enlightened by the divine grace of the Tenth Guru, Banda Bahadur stuck to the mission as laid down by his "Great Master". With his rare spiritual insight, unbending courage and valour, Banda Bahadur propagated the tenets of Sikhism with utmost sincerity, dignity and devotion. With a sense of deep dedication, religious tolerance, justice and equality for all, he laid down the very foundation of the Sikh State. His great sacrifice for the down trodden and men of soil has no parallel elsewhere in the world.

This year, Tricentenary of Banda Singh Bahadur is being celebrated and the release of this book on the auspicious occasion adds a feather to it. I wish all succcess for it!

DR. G S MANN Ph.D, D. Litt. Ex Principal Govt College for Boys, Ludhiana Member, Hindi Salahakar Samiti, Govt of India.

Preface To The Book ‘Five Arrows of Banda Singh Bahadur’ - Book By Mohinder Paul Singh

Banda Singh Bahadur flashed like a lightening rod across Mughal India's horizon. He struck the monument of tyrrany and injustice with such a fury as to get one of the mightiest empires of the time stunned and whole mechanism of inhuman ruthlessness paralysed for a while. Leading brightly people's revolution, first of its kind, Banda Singh goes down in history as the first Sikh Generalissimo as well.

Picked up by Tenth Master himself, a young Rajput turned Madho Das-turned Banda Singh Bahadur was granted "Five Arrows", saffron flag, drum (Ngara), and blessed by him. Banda Bahadur became first temporal leader of the Sikhs after Guru period. With him Sikh history enters second phase. Whereas Gurus' battles were defensive in nature, Banda goes on offensive. An embodiment of faith and devotion; victory and freedom; bravery and sacrifice; he gave to the world first Sikh state, royal coins, stamp and seal, all signs and symbols of royalty and ruling power.

This book treats stately Banda Singh Bahadur, a creature of flesh and blood much as he lives in popular imagination. Therefore, controversial aspect has been honestly avoided. From tragic scene of deer hunting until his own extremely horrific death in Delhi, he moves like a colossus as Khalsa general throughout his theatre of activity in between Delhi and Lahore, almost entire southern Punjab — Haryana of nowadays and across Jamuna valley. He valiantly broke the myth of Mughal invincibility. Conquest of Sarhind, the crown city, is Banda's crowning achievement, of course. A yogi, a bairagi and a Sikh, all rolled into one, Banda Singh lived like a hero and died like a martyr, thus justifying his title "Bahadur" bestowed upon him by his mentor, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, The Lord of Khalsa.

Among several people, institutions  and organisations that proved continuous source of inspiration for me, a few deserve  my heartfelt gratitude. Cariboo Gursikh Temple Society Quesnel B.C., Sikh Society of Manitoba, Gurdwara Kalghidhar Darbar, Winnipeg, Canada., Sikh Youth Association of Australia, Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Southampton, Gurdwara Guru Tegh Bahadur Southampton, UK.

So do some well wishers like Raj S. Mann, Raghbir Singh Basati, Yadwinder Singh Nut, Mohinder Singh Takhar, Surinder Singh Morsara, Sukhdev Singh Sandhar and faimly of NMV Lumber, Ajit Singh Sahota, Jujhar Singh Dode, Harbhajan Singh Chauhan, Jay Minhas, Ranbir Singh Manj, Jaswant Singh Grewal, Jasmel Singh M.A. B.ed., Joginder Singh Giran MA. (Canada), Thakur Singh Basati (USA) as well as Princpal G. S. Barara, Dr Ramesh Kumar Sharma, Jagjit Singh Dardi of Charhadi Kala Enterprise, Reference Library, Principal Prem Singh Bajaj of Punjabi Sahit Acadmy Ludhiana and many more.

As usual, my family and children botii in India and Canada, provided me with safe, literary and warm haven in which to work. My wife Principal Tripat Kaur, as always, looked after the whole project with professional accuracy.

Above all, my granddaugther Aishmann Kaur Singh lent her own innocent charm to the book with her sweet interruptions. I am duly thankful to Lahore Books; Tajinder Bir Singh & Gurmannt Singh, my Publishers; Onkar Singh Dillay (Computer Work) who with keen sight for quality and publishing experience made this book see the light of day.

On the solemn occasion of 300th annivarsary of the conquest of Sarhind, I most humbly offer this book as a tribute to Banda Singh Bahadur and his Khalsa warriors!

May the saffron flag hoist ever and aver.!

Excerpt From ‘Five Arrows of Banda Singh Bahadur’ - Book By Mohinder Pal Singh

Prime Minister Muhammad Amin Khan is said to have interviewed Banda in his very last moments before his killing started and stated, "It is surprising that one who shows so much nobility in his conduct should have been guilty of such horrors."

Banda replied, "Whenever men become so corrupt & wicked so as to relinquish the path of equity (justice) and abandon themselves to all kinds of excess then Providence never fails to raise up a scourge like me to chastise a race so depraved but when the measure of punishment is full, then he raises up men like you to bring him to punishment."

From: "Five Arrows"

Table of Contents ‘Five Arrows of Banda Singh Bahadur’ - Book By Mohinder Paul Singh

  Bairagi to Banda Nahadur  
1 From Rajouri………… to………. The Banks Of Godawari…. 16
2  This is Delhi 25
3 Anand Pur the City of Bliss 28
4 In the sands of Talwandi Sabo 33
5 Imperial Camp in Desert 36
6 Zafar Nameb--------the Epistle of Victory 40
7 Stormy Night 43
8 Fragrance in Desert 46
9 Miracle in Agra 48
10 Through Panipat, Samana, Kapuri, Sadbaura to Lahore 52
11 The Lord Departs 55
12 Sarbind – The Crown City 59
13 The Conqueror of Sarbind 70
14 Khalsa Shall Rule 75
15 Gang-O-Jamun Valley 77
16 The Empire Strikes Back 79
17 The Hawk Flew Away……. 86
18 In Central Punjab-Majha & Doaba 88
19 Last Stand 93
20 Strange Spectacle 96
21 Wondrous Drama 99
22 Epilogue 103
23 Notes and References 104


Author Mohinder Pal Singh
Pages 112
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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Five Arrows of Banda Singh Bahadur - Book By Mohinder Paul Singh

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