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Non Folding - Regular Harmoniums - Buy The Best Harmoniums Online at Most Affordable Pricing

Non Folding Harmoniums are the fixed type Harmoniums that cannot be folded in or reduced in size for packing and transport purposes . These are the regular original Harmoniums in their traditional form . If you just want to play at home and do not want to carry your Harmonium around too much for stage performances or concerts you can go for Harmoniums in this category . These are also the Harmoniums with usual Grams and Stops (though Folding Harmoniums with grams and stops are also available but they are usually without them). 

We have three levels of Harmoniums in this category - Starter , Intermediate and Professional

Starter Level Harmoniums 

As the name suggests the Starter Level is for the newbies who are just pursuing playing Harmonium as a hobby and just want to give it a try out of curiosity. Perhaps  if you are not too sure if you would be playing Harmoniums for long or just want to check if Harmoniums are for you or your piece of cake then go for this one . This Harmonium has everything you would expect a beginner . There are two models in beginner level - Simple and Deluxe . The Deluxe one has a superior finish as well as finer quality of Reeds and other Internal parts which provide for a better look and sound quality than the simple one. Both these are 3.25 Octave (in simple words they have 39 Keys). Please refer HRNF_101 and HRNF_102 below for greater details on any of these . 

Intermediate Level Harmoniums 

Then we have the Intermediate level for  the serious players who really want to give it their all and pursue Harmonium long time thus expecting better sound quality and finish . These are 3.5 Octave (42 Keys) sets which provide for an enhanced music and tonal quality than the starter level so that you can really enjoy the music and get immersed in it . Again there are two models intermediate - simple and deluxe . While the simple one has a double bellow , the deluxe one has a seven fold bellow which means easier and increased air flow with lesser frequency of pumping the bellows with hands (basically it means that you blow the air in once and keep blowing for a longer time without needing to pump the bellows again) . So this means a lesser strain on the hands and that  really matters if you playing for hours. Also deluxe will have better quality reeds than the simple one which means better tonal qualities and clearer more defined sounds . If you  are concerned about the music quality aspect then go for the Deluxe Model otherwise Simple Model will do the job . Also the Deluxe one has a coupler (a mechanical linkage that opens a valve for a note an octave above or below the note being played) which the simple one won't have. If you want anyone of these Refer HRNF_103 and HRNF_104 in the list below or click their links for more details . 

Professional Level Harmoniums 

Last we have the professional model which as the name suggests is for Proffessional players who are to give public performances, perform on stages or concerts or the ones for whom Harmoniums are everything . The professional Model will have the best of everything - The Best Finishing of wood , Best Quality of Reeds , the most easily and Effortlessly Operated Bellows , the finest Music and Tonal Qualities or in a summary the best of everything . Please Refer HRNF_105 below for more details.

Starter Level - Simple Harmonium - HRNF_101

This is a low cost  Harmonium meant for beginners and novices so that they can just familiar..

Rs.5,625.00 Rs.7,500.00

Starter Level - Deluxe Harmonium - HRNF_102

Its a little advanced harmonium for the beginners with better sound quality and better quality of..

Rs.7,500.00 Rs.10,000.00

Intermediate Level - Simple Harmonium - HRNF_103

 Quality Harmonium for the Professionals - The Best Quality Harmoniums - Built to  give..

Rs.8,990.00 Rs.12,000.00

Intermediate Level - Deluxe Harmonium - HRNF_104

The best quality in harmoniums online . ..

Rs.10,500.00 Rs.14,000.00

Professional Level - Deluxe Harmonium - HRNF_105

Professional Simple Harmonium - HRNF_105 - The Best Quality Professional Harmonium available Onli..

Rs.11,900.00 Rs.16,000.00

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