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Folding Or Portable Harmoniums - Best Harmoniums Online - Affordable Prices

Folding Or Portable Harmoniums are simply Harmoniums with a slide in capability so that they attain a reduced size and are hence easier to carry around . 

We have some of the best quality Indian harmoniums in this category at very affordable prices . No matter if you are a novice or an expert we have just the right harmonium for you . On this page we enlist all the Folding Harmoniums which we have divided into two levels - Intermediate and Professional according to the level of expertise of a person for whom we deem them suitable . Just read through to discover which one might be just the right one for you . (If you are looking for Non Folding Harmoniums or Beginner Level Harmoniums please Visit Non Folding Harmoniums Section)

Intermediate Level Harmoniums 

If you are quite serious about learning your Harmonium and expect a good decent Music and Tonal Quality this level is for you . As the name suggests these Harmoniums are better than a beginner or starter's Harmonium but a notch below the professional level . So here you can have a taste or a glimpse of the professional level harmoniums without shelling as much money as they require . These are 3.5 Octave Harmoniums (42 Keys on the Keyboard) with a seven bellow system that makes pumping in air a breeze (please note that you have to pedal the bellows with one hand to allow air to flow through your Harmonium and it can be quite daunting with just a double bellow like in starter harmoniums if you play it for hours) . These are double reed Harmoniums with a coupler (a mechanical linkage that opens a valve for a note an octave above or below the note being played) . There are two models in this level - Simple and Deluxe . The difference between the two is that Deluxe Model has a better finish, better reeds used, better wood quality and better tonal qualities . So if you care for these differences go for a deluxe model otherwise a simple model is also good  enough . 

Professional Level Harmoniums 

As the name suggests these Harmoniums are for the professionals who expect great quality in each and every aspect of their musical experience . Comparing them with the intermediate level harmoniums they use better wood quality , better reeds , superior inner parts (all adding to great music and tonal qualities). There are 3 models in this level - Simple, Deluxe and Ultimate . Out of these while the Simple and Deluxe Models are Double Reed , the Ultimate Model is Triple Reed . If you are wondering about the difference between Simple and Deluxe Model , the Simple Model is a Horizontal Reed Harmonim while the latter is a Vertical Reed Harmonium . The  difference between Deluxe and Ultimate Model is that while the former is Double Reed the Ultimate Model is Triple Reed . All this means that as you move from Simple to Ultimate Level of Harmonium verey part of the Harmonium undergoes an upgrade to ensure that you get the greatest value for your money . Our experts test out these instruments to ensure that you get only masterpieces delivered to your doorstep . 

Intermediate Level Simple Portable Harmonium HRF_101

Portable Harmonium for Starters - The Perfect Harmonium to start your Harmonium Practice . Its re..


Intermediate Level Deluxe Portable Harmonium HRF_102

Portable Deluxe Harmonium For Intermediate Level ..


Professional Level Simple Portable Harmonium HRF_103

Professional Level Simple Portable Harmonium ..


Professional Level Deluxe Portable Harmonium HRF_104

Professional Level Deluxe Portable Harmonium ..


Professional Level Ultimate Portable Harmonium HRF_105

Professional Level Ultimate Portable Harmonium ..


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