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Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Your search for the best Quality Harmoniums , Tablas , Sarangis , Sarandas , Dilrubas , Rababs  and  many more interesting musical instruments ends here . 

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Brass Tabla - Buy Brass Tabla Online at Affordable Prices

This tabla is for the professionals and the serious ones . The tabla stands out for its great ton..

Rs.7,500.00 Rs.10,000.00

Copper Tabla - Buy Best Quality Copper Tabla Online at Affordable Prices

This is also for the professionals . In this case the bayan (larger metal drum) is made out of co..

Rs.8,880.00 Rs.12,000.00

Intermediate Level Simple Portable Harmonium HRF_101

Portable Harmonium for Starters - The Perfect Harmonium to start your Harmonium Practice . Its re..

Rs.8,250.00 Rs.11,000.00

Rabab - Punjabi Musical Instrument

Rabab - Punjabi Musical Instrument ..

Rs.9,750.00 Rs.13,000.00

Starter Level - Simple Harmonium - HRNF_101

This is a low cost  Harmonium meant for beginners and novices so that they can just familiar..

Rs.5,625.00 Rs.7,500.00

Steel Tabla - Buy Steel Tablas Online at Affordable Prices

This tabla is for the serious ones  who demand greater sound quality and plan to go a long w..

Rs.5,625.00 Rs.7,500.00

Intermediate Level Deluxe Portable Harmonium HRF_102

Portable Deluxe Harmonium For Intermediate Level ..

Rs.10,500.00 Rs.14,000.00

Sarangi - Punjabi Musical Instrument

Sarangi - Punjabi Musical Instrument ..

Rs.8,925.00 Rs.11,900.00

Starter Level - Deluxe Harmonium - HRNF_102

Its a little advanced harmonium for the beginners with better sound quality and better quality of..

Rs.7,500.00 Rs.10,000.00

Dilruba - Punjabi Musical Instrument

Dilruba - Punjabi Musical Instrument ..

Rs.11,990.00 Rs.16,000.00

Intermediate Level - Simple Harmonium - HRNF_103

 Quality Harmonium for the Professionals - The Best Quality Harmoniums - Built to  give..

Rs.8,990.00 Rs.12,000.00

Professional Level Simple Portable Harmonium HRF_103

Professional Level Simple Portable Harmonium ..

Rs.13,500.00 Rs.18,000.00

Intermediate Level - Deluxe Harmonium - HRNF_104

The best quality in harmoniums online . ..

Rs.10,500.00 Rs.14,000.00

Professional Level Deluxe Portable Harmonium HRF_104

Professional Level Deluxe Portable Harmonium ..

Rs.17,990.00 Rs.24,000.00

Saranda - Punjabi Musical Instrument

Saranda - Punjabi Musical Instrument ..

Rs.17,925.00 Rs.23,900.00

Dholki - Punjabi Musical Instrument

Dholki - Punjabi Musical Instrument ..

Rs.2,250.00 Rs.3,000.00

Professional Level - Deluxe Harmonium - HRNF_105

Professional Simple Harmonium - HRNF_105 - The Best Quality Professional Harmonium available Onli..

Rs.11,900.00 Rs.16,000.00

Professional Level Ultimate Portable Harmonium HRF_105

Professional Level Ultimate Portable Harmonium ..

Rs.20,990.00 Rs.28,000.00

Dhol - Punjabi Musical Instrument

Dhol - Punjabi Musical Instrument ..

Rs.7,200.00 Rs.8,000.00

Tumbi - Punjabi Musical Instrument

Tumbi - Punjabi Musical Instrument ..

Rs.450.00 Rs.600.00

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