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The Name Divine : A Panacea for All the ILLS - Book By Raghbir Singh Bir

Foreword Of The Book 'The Name Divine : A Panacea for All the ILLS' By Raghbir Singh Bir

Author of the spiritually stirring Bandgi Nama "Testament of the Spirit," Raghbir Singh Bir (1896-1974) is scarcely known to readers of English. Steeped in the sublime light of the Gospel of peace, Guru Granth Sahib, the dozen or

f his books, including his rousing poetry of 's in the post-Jallianwala Bagh era of gent Sikhism, not only popularized the treasured  truths of Gurbani but also inspired generations of Sikhs who awakened to their age after the loss of the Khalsa Raj to the British in 1849.

The revolutionary poet in young Raghbir soon yielded to the voice within - a call of the soul. While working as founder editor of the Desh Darpan, Calcutta's only Punjabi newspaper, he launched a soul searching monthly journal - "Atam Science", deriving his inspiration Guru Nanak's definitive bani embodied in Guru Granth Sahib.

Himself a practitioner of meditational Naam Simran, Raghbir Singh' s deep study and devotion brought abounding grace in his life. Gifted as he was in Punjabi prose, verse and tradition, his spiritual outpourings found expression not only in lectures and discourses but in a series of writings during and since 1930's. He was a Sikh mystic and spiritualist par excellence. He lived the life of a Gurmukh (Guru-oriented person) imbued deeply in the love and study of Guru's word (Gurbani). He dedicated his life to experiment and experience the spiritual truth enshrined in it. He believed, on the basis of his experience, that the word of the Guru (Gurbani) is Guru Incarnate and Guru Manifest. Guru's word, if mediated upon through the technique of Naam Simran, liberates a person from all human sufferings and maladies. He himself devoted and dedicated his life to Naam Simran to arrive at this spiritual experience. He also experienced that a devotee, once liberated and cured of all human ailments and psychic distortions, starts enjoying perpetual peace, harmony and bliss. The book "Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam" is a product of this life long spiritual meditation and felt-experience. This book, written in Punjabi, has gone into the fourth print, but the present volume is the first English version of it.


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The Name Divine : A Panacea for All the ILLS - Book By Raghbir Singh Bir

  • Rs.160.00

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