The Book Of Nanak - Book By Navtej Sarna

Introduction of ‘The Book Of Nanak’ - Book By  Navtej Sarna

In 1469 the tiny village of Talwandi, forty i-miles south-west of Lahore,witnessed the birth of one of the greatest spiritual leaders of mankind and die founder of India's youngest major religion, Sikhism. Born into a society caught in the throes of orthodoxy and ritualism and further crippled by child marriage, infanticide and a rigid caste system, Guru Nanak was to become the harbinger of a period of social, spiritual and religious enlightenment. Deeply spiritual from an early age, Nanak spent his early years in meditation and in die company of hermits, and is believed to have attained enlightenment at the age of thirty. His teachings, which stressed the omnipresence of the One God, and die importance of love, equality, compassion and community service, appealed to Hindus and Muslims alike. Along with his companion and disciple, Mardana, Nanak spent twenty-three years in travel, which took him to places as far afield as Sri Lanka and Mecca, to spread his message.

Drawing upon the various legends contained in anecdotal biographies and Bhai Gurdas's first heroic ode, and placing them in as precise a historical framework as possible, The Book of Nanak reconstructs die main events of Nanak's life, throwing new light on die life and teachings of a phenomenal seer. The last section of die book also contains original translations of some of Nanak's best-known hymns that continue to inspire millions die world over.

About the Author ‘Navtej Sarna' of the Book ‘The Book Of Nanak’

Navtej Sarna was born in Jalandar, Punjab. After studying law at Delhi University, he joined die Indian Foreign Service in 1980. He has served as a diplomat in Moscow, Geneva, Tehran, Washington, DC and Tel Aviv and as India's Foreign Office Spokesman in New Delhi.

His first novel, We Weren't Lovers Like That, was published in 2003 and has been translated into Arabic and Hindi. His second novel, The Exile, was published in 2008. He is also the author of Folk Tales of Poland. His short stories have been broadcast over the BBC World Service and published in India and die UK. He contributes regularly to the Times Literary Supplement, The Hindu and other journals.

Table of Contents For ‘The Book Of Nanak’ - Book By  Navtej Sarna

1 Acknowledgements ix
2 Introduction 1
3 The Stars Herald a Prophet 13
4 The Dark Times 19
5 The Early Years 29
6 The Divine Call at Sultanpur 41
7 And the Baba Went Along the Way 51
8 As Far as the Land Stretched 79
9 And Then He Climbed Sumer 89
10 And Then the Baba Went to Mecca 99
11 Kartarpur 109
12 The Teachings 121
13 The Hymns 129


Author Navtej Sarna
Pages 150
Cover Paperback
Language English

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The Book Of Nanak - Book By Navtej Sarna

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