Foreword To The Book 'Stories From Sikh History (Suitable for kids)' By Kartar Singh M.A.

Moral and religious instruction, I am glad to find, is now being rehabilitated in our schools. Our country is secular, it is true, but there is no denying the fact that religious and moral education has a very useful function to serve. It is in this context that the Sri Prakasa Committee recommended moral instruction at the school level in order to develop the personality of students.

Modern psychology has emphasized that if the child is given proper guidance at his formative stage it will greatly help integrate his personality. The example of the teacher and his relations with students leave a deep impression on the minds of students. Moral instruction, I feel is better given by example than by percept.

The great figures of the past specially the heroes of history have shown mankind how to fight successfully against evil and face the challenges from time to time. One of the great heroes of Indian history is Guru Gobind Singh. Through his example, he challenged superstition, intertia, tyranny and bigotry. His life is a beacon-light which gives inspiration to all who seek guidance in the path of truth and righteous action.

The youth of today, more than any other section of society, is at the crossroads. School students are dazed by the march of exciting events and the great tensions of the modern world. Science may throw light on the physical world, but it is only the teachings of great saints and sages which offer a glimpse into the spiritual world. Any educational system which does not take into account the moral development of the students will remain inadequate and ineffective.

Author Kartar Singh M.A
Cover Paperback
Volumes 7
Language English

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Stories From Sikh History (Suitable for kids) - Book By Kartar Singh M.A

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