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The Sikh Empire And Maharaja Ranjeet Singh

Preface To The Book 'The Sikh Empire And Maharaja Ranjeet Singh'


There are men who change with the changing times, but there are those, too, who live to change the time in which they live.

Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, the Lion of the Panjab, was a man of the latter type, who had reversed the course of the Indian history of the times before him. The hordes of the foreign raiders had marched into India from across the river Indus, who had been devastating this country for centuries. Not only did the Lion of the Panjab check their raids, he had crossed all the hurdles of the Indus, and had planted his flags of victory at Jamrud. The Pathaans who used to raid India and carried loads of booty and numerous Indians as slaves back home, saw their progeny being compelled to pay trib­utes to this Maharaja of the Panjab. This turn-about had been effected by the mighty king, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh.

The Lion of the Panjab commands an eminent position in the history of the Sikhs. The Misals had taken possession of the Panjab and made Sardars of the Sikhs. The flags of the feudal Sikh leaders were planted high in the villages. Maha­raja Ranjeet Singh, however, raised the Sikh community to the royalty of the Kingship and improved the image of its status in the eyes of the whole world. There is no doubt that the Sikh rule was no more than a wonder of nine days; yet, its existance had turned the Sikh entity notable and well­-known in the comity of the nations of the world, which was an achievement of his own labours and service rendered to the Panjab.

I have merely paid my homage to his valorous and emi­nent personality in writing this account of his life. And in this account do I offer to him what he richly deserves. I well hope that the nation of which he was the architect, will ap­preciate it.

I am sincerely grateful to the writers of the books on this subject, that I have helpfully used in composing this book. I am also grateful to Prof. Hardyal Singh and Prof. M.C. Shanna also, who have helped me translating my oinginal Panjabi book.

Seetal Bhawan,

Model Gram,



Sohan Singh Seetal


Table Of Contents Of 'The Sikh Empire And Maharaja Ranjeet Singh'

  Preface 5  
1. Ancestors 8  
2. Mahaan Singh: His Father 14  
3. Ranjeet Singh: Early Life 20  
4. To Lahore 27  
5. The Maharaja 32  
6. His Kingdom Expands 40  
7. More Conquests 50  
8. The British Budge In 56  
9. Further Expansion 64  
10. Consolidation of Power 71  
11. Northward 75  
12. Kashmir Case 83  
13. Multan Mauled 90  
14. North Again 97  
15. Further North 105  
16. To Peshawar 111  
17. Panjab and the Pathan Land 117  
18. The Climax-1 123  
19. The Climax-2 131  
20. The Climax-3 138  
21. The Finale 144  
  APPENDIX-1 The Personality, 155  
  Army and Income    
  APPENDIX-2 Family 160  
  APPENDIX-3 The Officers 163  



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The Sikh Empire And Maharaja Ranjeet Singh

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