Sikhs Of The Khalsa - A History Of The Khalsa Raihait - Book By W.H. McLeod

From The Backcover Of 'Sikhs Of The Khalsa, A History Of The Khalsa Raihait' By W.H. McLeod 

The Rahit is the code of belief and conduct laid down by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh for all Sikhs who join the Khalsa. In this important and pioneering study, McLeod rejects the commonly held view that the . Rahit has descended unchanged since its first promulgation. Tracing the development of the Rahit, through the last three centuries, he argues that it has evolved in response to historical circumstances and that the modem Rahit, in some respects, is different from the original one.

The book also provides an insightful discussion - on the nature of the Khalsa Rahit and the fundamental criteria by which one could, be identified as a Sikh. McLeod's meticulous and masterful analysis is supplemented by selected translations of original Punjabi rahit-namas in the second part of this volume.

The result of the author's lifetime work on Sikhism, this volume will interest scholars and students of religious studies especially Sikhism, Indian history, and sociology, as also general readers and practising Sikhs.

McLeod ... 'knows much more about Sikhism than anyone [else] in the world.'

- Khushwant Singh 'In the study of Sikhism Hew McLeod has blazed trails that have been worked by other scholars .... This time it is the rahitnamas.'

'The field of modem Sikh Studies has been single-handedly introduced, crafted, nourished, and advanced by Hew McLeod over the last three decades.'

- Harjot Oberoi W. H. McLeod is Emeritus Professor at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Cover photograph: B. P. S. Walia 

Author W.H. McLeod
Pages 480
Cover Paperback
Language English

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Sikhs Of The Khalsa - A History Of The Khalsa Raihait - Book By W.H. McLeod

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