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Rise Of The Sikh Power In The Panjab - Book By Sohan Singh Seetal

Preface To 'Rise Of The Sikh Power In The Panjab' By Sohan Singh Seetal

The long drawn out struggle and the tale of countless sacrifices through which the Sikh nation had to wade to come by her goal as last, is nothing short of a miracle, indeed.

It was during the life-time  of their fifth apostle, Guru Arjan Dev, when the Sikhs came to be organised and knit in a distinct community. But this wass too bitter a pill for the autocratic Mughal rulers to swallow. Guru Arjan Dev was martyred under the direct orders of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Though this was an unbearable blow to the newly rising Sikh community, yet it stood this cruel calamity like a dauntless and brave nation.
His son, Guru Hargobind, who succeded him  as the sixth Guru, was then a boy of less than eleven years old. But he stood his test and ground remarkably well and led the community effectively.
The Sikhs did not lose heart because of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev. On the contrary they learnt the lesson of daring and bravery from his peerless sacrifice. A sword dangled from its girdle on the person of each Sikh who wore a rosary of holy beads round his neck at the same time.The Sikhs took to the path of living as saint soldiers.
As Aurangzeb occupied the mughal throne at Delhi, he introduced a wholesale change in the policy of his administration. He had a fixed goal of proselytising' the entire Hindu population of India to Islam by the terror of his sword hand.
Though the Hindus formed a majority of the population in north India, they behaved as a helpless community. They had no effective organisation to protect or lead them. Guru Teg Bahadur came to their rescure and offered himself for martyrdom for their sake. Far from recognising his rightful and just claim and proposal, Aurangzeb martyred the Guru in Delhi. This sanctimonious martyrdom was responsible for bringing about a matchless revolution in the history of India, beyond a doubt.
This martyrdom was a challange, thrown out to the Sikh nation by the Mughal rulers. The Sikhs, too, responded to it like brave warriors. They swarmed to collect themselves under the flag of Guru Gobind Singh as armed and fearless soldiers.
That had started an era of wars for religion and martyrdoms in the country. All the four sons or Guru Gobind Singh, his mother and , at last, he , all fell as martyrs to their cause. He was treacherously killed by a hired foe. Yet the Sikh nation was far from being cowed or beaten; it arose every time on the strength of its martyrdoms with a renewed courage and power. It continued to advance like an irrestible storm.
The Sikhs regained some power during the leadership of Banda Singh Bahadur, when they had set themselves as the rulers of their mother-land for a bit. But the Mughal rulers of Delhi once again used their total military power against them and suppressed them totally. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was put to death most barbarously in Delhi. A wide massacre was staged, next , through the Punjab to annihilate the Sikhs altogether.
The people were now convinced that the Sikhs could never revive and rise again. But after only a short respite, the Sikhs were up and doing and in arms for their life and honour. They were actively staging the same, long drama of martyrdoms and warring struggle in the fires of which they had been tempered a while back. And, in this way, they were able to attain their goal after servere struggles in the fields of battles after three-quarter years of a century.
At long last, the Sikhs were able to establish their administration in the Punjab after sacrificing millions of their members in the fields of bloody battles and represson.
The following pages of this book narrate the story of the matshless bravery of the Sikh nation.
I am also grateful to Professors M. C. Sharma and Hardyal Singh who helped me in this work of  translation from my Panjabi compositions.
Sohan Singh 

Table Of Contents For 'Rise of The Sikh Power In The Panjab' Book By Sohan Singh Seetal


Part First

I Early Life of Banda Singh 10
II Sikh Baptism 14
III Banda Sikh in Panjab 21
IV Small Skirmishes 26
V Samana-ward 31
VI Sadhaura to Chhatt 37
VII The Battle of Sirhind 44
VIII Nemesis of Sirhind 50
IX Lohgarh as Capital 54
X Towards the Jamna 62
XI Revolution in the Majha 70
XII Fighting the Fanatics 75
XIII In Jullundur Doaba 81
XIV Sirhind and Sadhaura Lost 88
XV The Battle of Lohgarh 94
XVI Aftermath of Lohgarh 99
XVII Back in Panjab 102
XVIII The Scene in Lahore 108
XIX The Tussel Continues 113
XX The Beginning of the End 118
XXI The End Itself 123
XXII In Delhi 128
XXIII Banda Singh :  an Estimate 136

Part Second

I Essentials of Sikhism 146
II Butchery after Banda Singh 148
III Tara Singh Martyred 153
IV Disorders Continue 160
V Comparative Calm 165
VI Repression Renewed 169
VII Bhai Mani Singh 174
VIII Bota Singh 179
IX The Mughal Kings 183
X Nadar Shah became King of Iran 188
XI Nadar Shah Invaded India 193
XII Dark Times 197
XIII Massa Ranghar 202
XIV Taroo Singh 207
XV Ressurrecetion 212
XVI More Dark Times 216
XVII Stalemate 222
XVIII Abdali 227
XIX Confusion 232
XX The Sikh Misals 238
XXI Mir Mannu 242
XXII Mannu and Kaura Mall 247
XXIII Abdali Again 251
XXIV Abdali, Mannu and the Sikhs 258
XXV Worst Barbarism 263
XXVI Murad Begam 266
XXVII Riotous Ravening 271
XXVIII Abdali Active 277
XXIX Adina Beg 284
XXX Abdali and Mahrathas 290
XXXI Sikhs Survive 295
XXXII Abdali and the Sikh Slough 301
XXXIII Abdali and the Sikhs 306
XXXIV The Panjab in Muddle 311
XXXV Sikhs Settling 317
XXXVI Abdali Again  322
XXXVII Abdali s Last Invasion 336
XXXVIII The Sikhs Achieve the Goal 340


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Rise Of The Sikh Power In The Panjab - Book By Sohan Singh Seetal

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