Refund | Cancellation | Returns

Orders can be cancelled / refund issued / products returned in the following cases :

1. You placed a wrong order and your order has not been shipped in cases of Books, CDs or has not reached the processing stage 

    in case of Musical Instruments, Rumala Sahib, Palki Sahib, Posters, Gift Items or Religious Items. 

2. The products received are not the ones you ordered - you must notify us by email of wrong products within 3 days after delivery. 

3. Product received is in damaged condition : you must inform us by email within 48 hours of delivery. 

4. In case of  manufacturing defects e.g white pages or missing pages in books etc you can notify us within 2 weeks by email. 

 Products damaged by mishandling by the customer shall not be returned. 

We will either replace the damaged product or issue a refund in case the product cannot be replaced in the above cases.