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Racial Equality Education and Punjabis in Britain - Book By Sujinder Singh Sanga

Foreword To The Book ‘Racial Equality Education and Punjabis in Britain’  By Sujinder Singh Sanga

It was in 1997 that I had read the book entitled Vlayton Vekhi DuniaView Points from Britain by Sujinder Singh Sangha. He made a vivid and candid description of the life and culture of the Punjabis in British society. He also gave an account of the problems faced by the Indian people in settling in Britain. It was after 1997 that I met Sujinder Singh a couple of times, with a view to developing links between Guru Nanak Dev University and City College, Birmingham; and also to work on an international accreditation for a BA Business Administration degree programme with Punjabi and Cultural Studies.

I have now got his new book which covers issues relating to equality, diversity and pluralism in a modern and complex society. It essentially creates an awareness about the issues of discrimination and exclusion in the fields of employment, education and other services. These issues with small variations are important for contemplation and appropriate action in different cultures and societies of the world at large.

I was privileged to be in Birmingham to contribute at the Tercentenary celebrations of the formation of the Khalsa at the International Convention Centre on 2nd May, 1999, and listened to the speech made by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who addressed similar issues in a global context. He spoke about the contributions that minority communities have made to the British society, for which they should be given credited further empowerment. The conference emphasized that the new millennium is about living and working together to make collective progress, irrespective of one's race, religion or cultural heritage.

The author conducted that conference for the Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham by pulling together a rich diversity of views and people. He has pulled together relevant materials from his past writings and brought them together in the form of a book. It is a timely publication and reminder of issues in Britain and India and it fits the millennium agenda. I believe, the origins of various educational ideas and concepts that the author brings to his professional work, are bound to be of utility for the people of our two countries, India and Britian.

I strongly recommend that people concerned with education, employment and other vital issues should read this book.

Guru Nanak Dev University,

About The Author ‘Sujinder Singh Sanga’ Of The Book ‘Racial Equality Education and Punjabis in Britain’

Sujinder Singh Sangha is the Deputy Principal of City College, Birmingham. He was the first Asian person, to have achieved a senior position in England's Further Education colleges sector in 1994-95. He also did some field research with the Commission for Racial Equality, Social and Community Research Institute London. One of his passions is the inner-city renewal and regeneration, to maximise learning, social, economic and cultural opportunities for deprived and disadvantaged communities. He has co-ordinated and conducted community conferences, addressed by leaders ranging from the British Prime Minister Tony Blair to the Chief Minister of Punjab Parkash Singh Badal, many civic leaders and distinguished academics. He gained his BA (Hons) Degree in Social Science from the Open University and completed his M.Soc Sc. with the University of Birmingham. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London.


Table Of Contents Of The Book ‘Racial Equality Education and Punjabis in Britain’ By Sujinder Singh Sanga

Acknowledgments 11
Foreword 13
Terminology, Glossary and Abbrivations 15
Introduction 18
1 Ideology of Race, Racism and Racial Inequality 29
2 Some Research Methods on Racial Inequality 34
3 The 'Local State' and Racial Inequality 42
4 Racism Awareness Training The ILT Experience 49
5 The Role of Industrial Language Training Service  
  in Equal Opportunity Policy 56
6 Race Equality Training : Some Practical Issues 65
7 Migration of Black and Asian People into Britain 86
8 On the 'Cultural Baggage' of Ethnic Minorities 92
9 The Role of Black and White Pressure Groups in  
  Educational Practices and Policies 103
10 The Role of Indian Workers Associations in  
  Promoting Racial Equality 121
11 Trade Union Participation among  
  British Punjabi Workers  127
12 Punjabi Women and Trade Unions 132
13 Preparing Handsworth, Birmingham for  
  the 21st century 138
14 The Swann Report, Black Minorities and  
  Educational Change 145
15 An Alternative Perspective on 16-19 Year Education:  
  An Open Letter to Sir Ron Dearing 158
16 National Review of Industrial Language Training Service :   
  An Alternative Perspective 166
17 Promoting Equal Opportunities  
  in Further Education 174
18 Work Schemes for the Disadvantaged and  
  the Role of Inner-city Firms 176
19 Some Reflections on Changes in  
  Education and Training in Britain 180
20 The Sikh Community of Birmingham 191
21 Reflections on Sikh Nationalism in Modern India 200
22 India Beyond 2000 : Politics of Regionalism  
  and Centralization 220
23 The Punjab Crisis : A Survey and  
  Some Lessons for the Future 228
24 The Punjab Crisis :  
  Neo-Marxian Understanding 261
25 World Sikh University Project:  
  A Vision for the Millennium 272
26 Cultural Diversity is the Source of Strength 291
27 A Vision of a New Millennium Society 295
Notes on Chapters 299
References 309
Index 317


Author Sujinder Singh Sanga
Pages 324
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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Racial Equality Education and Punjabis in Britain - Book By Sujinder Singh Sanga

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