• Steel Palki Sahib - Medium Size - For Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Steel Palki Sahib - Medium Size - Approximate Dimensions - 42 inches (length) * 24inches (breadth) * 66 Inches (height)

As You would have guessed from its name the Steel Palki Sahib has a Steel Coating instead of brass. It provides for a great alternative for those who adore the metallic look but cannot find the time for periodic cleaning and polishing that a Brass Palki Sahib may require. If you ask which is better, Brass or Steel Palki Sahib, we would say that Brass has a slight edge when it comes to looks as per the popular choice but there are also many people who find the Steel Palki Sahib to have a better look. The Steel Palki Sahib has a steel topping covering the wooden Roof, the side Pillars are of steel and so are the base pillars. To summarise in a Steel Palki Sahib Brass is replaced by steel everywhere. This is the perfect almost zero maintenance Solution  for  your Palki Sahib requirements. Again you have four standard sizes to choose from . The speciality of these Palki Sahibs is that they can be easily box packed for easy transportation (as we make them foldable to 1/3rd their size) to any part of the globe and then set up again in about 10 Mins. 

Palki Sahib
Size Medium : 42 inches (Length) * 24inches (Breadth) * 66 Inches (Height)

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Steel Palki Sahib - Medium Size - For Guru Granth Sahib Ji

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