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Nitnem - A Sikh's Communion With The Guru - Book By Prof. Surinderjit Singh

Summary of ''Nitnem - A Sikh's Communion With The Guru' By Prof. Surinderjit Singh 

It is an English rendering of the hymns of the Sikh Gurus, which have been prescribed as daily prayer of the Sikhs. One can enjoy the flow of original from this translation. It can be a useful and reliable translation especially for the young Sikh generation brought up in western countries.

In a translation from verse to prose, most probably the features get blurred and we are left with faceless shadows. A rendering from verse to verse is more likely to retain a semblance of the original features. Here the translator sincerely follows the flow of the original and his words follow from that flow.


Table of Contents For 'Nitnem - A Sikh's Communion With The Guru' By Prof. Surinderjit Singh


Some Simple Strands


• Jap(u) Ji Sahib


• Jap sahib


• Swayye


• Chaupai


· • Anand Sahib


• A Little Delving into


• Rahiras Sahib


• Ardas


• Kirtan Sohila



About The Author of 'Nitnem - A Sikh's Communion With The Guru' 

Surinderjit Singh (born on 21-12- 1932) taught English literature for three decades and retired as Acting Principal of GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana in 1988 .. He is engaged in rendering of some portions of Gurbani into English verse since 1991. His translations have been well received by scholars and devout Sikhs alike.

Author Prof. Surinderjit Singh
Pages 376
Cover Hardbound
Language English

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Nitnem - A Sikh's Communion With The Guru - Book By Prof. Surinderjit Singh

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